How to Naturally Become a Great Public Speaker

How to Naturally Become a Great Public Speaker

By: Gudrun Funk, Tcat Houser Michael Goshen
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Do you want to be better at public speaking? Do you want to engage in social situations more effectively? Do you want to be taught by one of the world's leading public speaking teachers? Public speaking is one of the fundamental skills needed in business, for teaching, and even engaging effectively in large social situations.

The CompTIA CTT+ certification is the cross-industry credential recognizing excellence in instruction. The two-part examination is based on a set of objectives designed to measure the mastery of core instructor skills - those decisions, actions and behaviors that competent instructors must demonstrate to successfully deliver training.

Download free CompTIA CTT+ Certification Training and find out secret to get Certified Technical Trainer today.

CompTIA CTT+ and Your Career as a Training Professional

Many corporations recommend or require CompTIA CTT+ for their employees. Companies such as CompuCom and Ricoh know the value of a professional training staff and require their employees to be CompTIA CTT+ certified. To earn Novell's advanced CNI (Certified Novell Instructor) certification, you must also have a CompTIA CTT+ certification.

Tcat Houser will be holding a seminar on how to naturally become a great public speaker on August 2-5 in Atlanta GA. To sum up what he teachers in a few short paragraphs is like trying to paint the Mona Lisa in a day.

Additional information about registration is included in this ebook.

About The Author:

Mr. Tcat Houser (CST / CNST, CTT+, Network+, i-Net+, Server+, Security+, MCSE+I, etc)
Mr. Tcat Houser first garnered his technical experience with the GE-225 (a 4-bit paper tape mainframe!) Tcat has continued to make his mark by training the IT industry and as an IT watchdog. He has lead efforts to keep standards open, certifications inexpensive, and bogus identity stealing web sites off-line. He has authored numerous books, test simulators, and white papers.

Early,Tcat acquired a fascination for the Psychology of Learning from his mother, a college professor. As a hobby, it has served him well. His unique style, gleaned from a study of renowned brain researchers and psychologists, ensures a memorable experience for each participant in any of his courses. His dramatic teaching methods have caused some to compare his classes to theatric productions. Following each course participants will not only have heard detailed explanations of course objectives, they will also be able to recall and apply what they have learned when faced with technical dilemmas.

A personal note from Tcat:
A couple months ago a former student had a casual dinner get-together while I was in that city, inviting other alumni. The part that had us all laughing was how each of them had taken concepts and phraseology from class and applied it to professional life. Voted the number one most popular phrase was: "I am here to help you. I need you to tell me what, not working, looks like."

Personally, I was astounded not by the professional success each of the students had achieved. Seeing the level of personal fulfillment and happiness that went far beyond professional riches was something that was not successfully conveyed by reading email comments sent to me. That was thrilling! The alumni also expressed that learning through laughter was something they had translated to successful applications at work. It is my hope you will join me for 3 days of de-tangling apparently complex topics to delightfully simple ways of the computing world.

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