Free eBook: Insider's Guide to Virtual Book Tours

Free eBook: Insider's Guide to Virtual Book Tours

By: Nikki Leigh
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Have you ever wanted to do a book tour, but the time and financial cost was just too high? Doing a book tour on the ground can be very time consuming and expensive. That's before you think about the amount of time you must spend away from your family, your job and your writing.

The good news is that there is an option. Virtual book tours are a great way to tour "the cyber world". They are much less expensive than traveling from city to city and you can do the tour from the comfort of your home.

I recommend that you have an experienced promotional person coordinate the tour for you, but I offer a couple of different options. One is a way for authors to learn more about how to promote their own books or they can hire me to coordinate the complete tour.

This e-booklet answers these questions -

What is a virtual book tour?
How do virtual book tours work?
How much does a tour cost?
Can you coordinate your own tour?
Should you coordinate your own tour?
What will help to make my tour a success?
How do you find blogs to host you on the tour?
What is this new virtual book tour website?
Are there any advantages to being featured on the tour site?

These are some of the topics that are included and I've included links to over 15 promotional blogs that all published authors can use for free. I also provided the link to over 100 promotional articles and interviews - more are added each month. If you've ever wondered about more creative and inexpensive ways to promote your books, this e-booklet is a great addition to your promotional library.

If you an author of a book, you are NOT ALLOWED to Ignore this.

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