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Philadelphia Food History Every single city of the world has a unique specialty that it calls its own. Chowder is Boston's pride, while barbecue is the forte of Memphis and hot dogs are parts of the culture of Chicago. When Philadelphia food history is concerned, it will never be complete without mentioning the soft pretzels, cheese steaks and Tastykakes which have long been part of the lives of Philadelphians.
There’s more to Italian meals than chocolate and wine. Here’s an introduction to elegant and flavorful Italian dinners.
Italian cuisine has a long and rich history. Learn more about the reflection of Italian heritage in their cooking.
Food in Italy has a heavy influence on its culture. Not all of Italian cooking is about pizzas and pasta. Italian cuisine is very diverse and inspired by many different influences. Italy's geographical location and its history are an important part of today's Italian cooking.
There is always a secret ingredient, a certain way to cook, and make that certain dish or recipe taste the way it should be. Well i am going to tell the secret of the most delicious Pasta with pesto recipe from my family in Napoli, Italia.
Goshen’s chicken enchiladas are a wonderful south of the boarder treat. This wonderful chicken dish will bring you a wonderful taste of Mexico without the having to leave your home.