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In South Florida, there are a variety of top-of-the-line restaurants for the hungry resident or visiting tourist to enjoy.
This is a common staple during the American Football championship season. Buffalo wings are called so because they were initially invented in Buffalo, NY. Conventionally Buffalo wings are deep fried, however, if you do not have a deep fryer at home, but want to cook a meal of Buffalo wings, it is ideal to use a recipe that requires the wings to be broiled after they are marinated in a spicy sauce.
Stroganoff is a Russian meal containing fried bits of beef and served in sauce with sour cream. There are many kinds of stroganoff recipes. Here are a few ideas to make stroganoff dishes
Grilling is a delicious flavorful way of preparing pork chops allowing you to tie in an array of flavors like honey mustard, barbecue, Cajun, Mexican, French, Italian, Asian and more.
Eating healthy has quickly become a prevalent trend. Many people would like to eat more nutritious foods but normally do not have the time to prepare a well cooked meal. In addition to this there are times in between meals where you may feel like getting something to munch on.
Alfredo di Lelio of Rome, Italy, is the creator of the original Alfredo Sauce. Today there are two types of Alfredo sauce, the Italian or the American type. Italian Alfredo Sauce is always lots of butter and Parmesan cheese.
Pork chops are low in fat and high in protein; they provide for a considerably easy delectable meal when cooked well. Pork chops can easily dry out when they are fried or grilled, so if you are looking to have juicy, tender, and delicious pork chops while reducing the amount of fat in the recipe, you will likely want to discover how to bake pork chops.
The cuisine of the Central American country, Mexico, is rich in history, flavour, contract, texture and colour. Mexicans specifically the well to do ones eat a varied diet of fresh meats, fish, seafood, poultry, vegetables and fruits.
Hamburgers or Burgers for short, are sandwiches made up of a cooked patty of ground meat. The meat is typically beef, but is sometimes pork, turkey, or a combination of meats. The patty is put in an open, white bun, or between two slices of bread.
If you love Greek food, you will love Mewi’s Moussaka!It makes a great party dish and it is well accompanied with just a green salad mix.