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Did you know that shrimp come in more than 300 variety? While there may be a general understanding of the types of shrimp being sold in the supermarket as cooked or raw, there are more labels that can be added to shrimp. However, these names are not specie, but are instead just synonyms. For instance prawn and scampi are synonyms for shrimp while gulf shrimp only indicates where the shrimp originated.
a delicious delicatessen from the land of beauty and incredible food recipes
Goshen's southern style berrylicious BBQ chicken wings is a nice appetizer or meal that puts a southern spin on cranberry BBQ chicken wings.
Goshen's gone south of the border for vacation and come back with a nice new recipe for a fun siesta.
A spicy southern buffalo chicken wings treat that is good for family and friends.
Goshen's southern style baked chicken recipe is a baked chicken recipe with a wonderful southern twist thats a treat for one and all.