Goshen’s Parsley Pesto Pasta

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Goshen’s parsley pesto pasta is an enjoyable pasta dish that is good for lunch or a nice dinner. This exotic dish is a wonderful change from the norm. Goshen’s parsley pesto pasta is ok for some vegetarians. This dish contains almonds and the almonds can be substituted out for a steamed vegetable if preferred. Goshen’s parsley pesto pasta is a wonderful delight from the ordinary and will leave friends and family wanting more.

Serves 4


·         1 pound(about 450 grams) of your favorite pasta shapes

·         ¼ cup(about 57 grams) of grated parmesan cheese (preferably fresh)

·         ¾ cup(about 173 grams) of whole almonds

·         ½ cup(about 113 grams) of toasted almond flakes

·         a pinch of garlic salt

Ingredients for sauce:

·         2 crushed garlic cloves

·         1 ½ ounces(about 43 grams) of fresh parsley

·         3 tablespoons(about 45 milliliters) of fresh lemon juice

·         2 tablespoons(about 30 milliliters) of olive oil

·         1 teaspoon(about 4-5 grams) of sugar

·         1 cup(about 250 milliliters) of boiling water

·         Freshly crushed pepper to taste


Step 1: The first step in Goshen’s parsley pesto pasta is to bring a large saucepan of garlic salted water to a boil and cook the pasta according to the instructions on the box. Toast the almond flakes and whole almonds under a broiler until they are golden brown. Make sure the whole almonds and almond flakes are broiled on separate cooking sheets.

(Then set them aside for later use.)

Step 2: The next step in Goshen’s parsley pesto pasta is to make the sauce. Finely chop the parsley in a food processor or a blender. Add the whole almonds in the processor or blender and let it chop into a fine consistency. Then add the garlic, lemon juice, sugar, olive oil, water, and freshly ground pepper to the blender or food processor.

Mix well to make the sauce, Add the ground pepper to taste or do not add if desired.

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