Coffee-Haters Anonymous

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I was raised on coffee, but I've had to give it up.  Like an unpredictable, moody girlfriend, I never knew what to expect when under coffee's influence.

I fought with it for years, until the unpleasant side-effects were too much for me to put up with -- and I found a better answer to the craving for energy.

Every once in a while I go back to coffee, looking for the good points that made me love her, but I am reminded by days and sometimes weeks of back pain of the reasons I can't tolerate her anymore.

Coffee, coffee -- How do I hate thee?  Let me count the ways:

My main problem with coffee is that it predictably causes my back problems and sciatica to flare up.

Coffee gives me the jitters.

It puts me in a negative and hyper-critical frame of mind -- My mind races along, repeating all the bad things that have happened and could possibly happen.

It ruins my sleep and then I crave more to get over my tiredness the next morning.

Coffee, for me, leads to cravings for sweets or beer to help me relax so I can get to sleep -- and these put the weight on!

Does anyone else suffer the same love-hate relationship with coffee?  I suspect they do.  I've heard hints of dissatisfaction and separation from former coffee-drinkers.  My own mother gave up drinking coffee in her later years, even while she complained of lack of energy and tiredness.

I've met others who switched to decaf or drank decaf with just a bit of regular coffee added to it.

The good news in all this is that, after years of searching for an alternative means of bringing out the energy and the best side of myself, I've found it.

I found the solution to my craving for the energy and awakeness without the unpleasant side-effects of coffee in one of the many new energy drinks.

It wasn't easy to find the right combination of ingredients that is stimulating, uplifting, and healthy, but I have and I feel twenty or thirty years younger, as well!  Not only does this energy drink relieve my old craving for sweets, but it also catalyzes a thermogenic effect -- causing my body to burn far more calories than the formula contains.

Now if this sounds like jumping from the frying pan and into the fire, I admit it would seem that way to the average adult.  Most energy drinks are designed to cater to the extreme tastes of juveniles, with far too much sugar and too much of the caffeine I have been trying to get away from.

But not all energy drinks are alike -- and I found the happy exception

You see, I've studied the science of nutrition as a hobby for forty years, so I knew from reading the label that this was a different blend of ingredients that could potentially deliver on its promise of being a healthy energy drink for intelligent adults.

The key difference is its use of the herb guarana, rather than anhydrous caffeine.  Guarana is a South American herb that contains a slow-acting mixture of alkaloids that give a mellower, lasting sense of energy with much of the euphoria that good dark chocolate offers.  Guarana, with only a trace of natural fruit sugars for flavoring, combined with green tea, B vitamins to catalyze energy release, and ginseng to smooth out the overall effect, together with one or two other ingredients make this energy drink a noteworthy improvement on even the finest coffee blends.

No other energy drink comes close to the happy feeling this one gives -- all without the unpleasant and dangerous side-effects the other energy drinks are famous for.

The best way I can explain it is to say it makes me feel like a twenty-year-old again, full of optimism, excitement, energy and confidence.

It's hard for me to fathom why people line up to pay $2-5 for coffee drinks that only deliver a short term increase in their energy and mental powers.  And, it's not like they need all the extra calories those coffee drinks contain!  I guess they just don't know there's a better alternative. 

Paul Kemp is an entrepreneur and fitness student who has made a fifty year study of how to be healthy. He reveals what he has found at

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