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Food is any substance normally eaten or drunk by living organisms. The term food also includes liquid drinks. Food is the main source of energy and of nutrition for animals, and is usually of animal or plant origin.

In heighten my awareness and knowledge of social solidarity, I came and experience the cuisine at an Indian restaurant.
No matter if you are planning to organize a wedding party or a corporate event, catering is must in every occasion and hence you need to get the best corporate catering in Melbourne.
Truffle oil has to be one of the most modern culinary ingredients which is often used to give the aroma and flavor of truffles to a wide variety of dishes.
Herbed oil are a boon in the kitchen if you want to marinate, brown meats and braise, baste, make fried rice, cook in oil and make salad dressings. Herbs that make good culinary oils are basil, savory, fennel, thyme, rosemary and tarragon.
Any person can learn the art of baking cakes but it is actually very difficult to pick up cake decoration art. However, this is one area that is gaining popularity and many people love to enjoy decorating the cakes.
It is the food that forms the basic part of life and bakeries have changed the meaning of “basic need” to something “that people live for”, i.e., the food! Today you will find the use of Cookies, Muffins and Brownies everywhere and these are also used as a great gift!
Baking is not an easy task; however, using different kinds of cake tins, you can facilitate cake making process.
Herbs disguise the fact that you're not using butter—just substitute low-sodium herb margarine in any recipe calling for butter…even popcorn! Here are examples of how herbs and spices can dress up your "treat" food
If you’re like me, and love waking up to your morning coffee, then read on. I’ve put together some tips you that you may find useful, and allow you to make coffee that tastes as good as it smells.
Do you have a big family, or need to feel a lot of people? Here is a great recipe I have used many times to feed and impress a lot of people. Just cook and enjoy.