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1. Patrick Oconnor

Patrick C. O'Connor has been president of O'Connor & Associates since 1983 and is a recipient of the prestigious MAI designation from the Appraisal Institute. He is also an registered senior property tax consultant in the state of Texas and has written numerous articles in state and national publications on reducing property taxes. He continues to set the standard in direction and quality of our appraisal products, adding services ranging from business valuations and business appraisals to cost segregation analysis for income tax reduction.

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2. Darrin Mish
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Nationally Recognized Attorney

Darrin T. Mish is a Nationally recognized Attorney whose practice focuses on representing clients across the United States with IRS Problems. He is AV rated by Martindale-Hubbel and is a member of the American Society of IRS Problem Solvers and the Tax Freedom Institute. He has been honored by a listing in Martindale-Hubbel's Bar Register of Preeminent Lawyers. His passion is providing IRS help to taxpayers with both individual and payroll tax problems. He teaches attorneys, CPAs and Enrolled Agents in the finer aspects of IRS representation all around the United States. He can be reached at his website at

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3. James Lange
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Tax Attorney and CPA

James Lange is a tax attorney and CPA with a thriving retirement and estate planning practice in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  He focuses on the unique needs of individuals with appreciable assets in their IRAs and 401(k) plans.  His plans include tax-savvy advice, will and trust preparation, and intricate beneficiary designations for IRAs and other retirement plans.  Jim's advice and recommendations have received national attention from syndicated columnist Jane Bryant Quinn, and his articles are frequently published in Financia PlanningKiplinger's Retirement Report and The Tax Adviser.  For more informaiton please visit

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4. Andy Singh
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5. Mudiam Srinivas
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Are you looking for professional SAP payment credit card encryption and tokenization? Mudiam provides PCI DSS Compliance on Demand AES 256 encryption, sap pci and more. Should you have questions, please call us at 713.589.3630 or email us at

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6. hometax solutions
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7. David Richerd
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8. Doug Heckman
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for U.S. Congress

I am asking for your vote to send me to the United States Congress. Why vote for me? Here are a few questions I would ask you:

* Can you name at least 2 bills Congressman Linder has sponsored, co-sponsored or championed over his 16 years in Congress? If not, read on.
* Do you believe that the deficits must stop and the budget balanced? If so, read on.
* Do you believe that the best predictor of future success is a track record of past successes? If so, read on.
* Do you want elected officials that are not career politicians? If so, read on.
* Do you want your elected officials to address and solve our Nations' problems? If so, read on.
* Do you want an end to pork-barrel spending and earmarks? If so, read on.
* While not a prerequisite for Congress, do you believe that a combat veteran brings a useful perspective to our national discourse? If so, read on.

I believe our forefathers had in mind that good men and women from varied walks of life would come to Washington to serve for a finite period of time. Power and special interests have warped our system. Please give me the opportunity to serve you. I pledge to lead and to help achieve real solutions through hard work and reasonable compromise.

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9. Laura Bell
Freelance Writer

Laura Bell is Freelance Writer. The Bell Business Report offers common sense business advice and how-to info for running your business. It takes the everyday headlines apart, dealing with business news, and shows you how to put that information to work for you.

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10. Thomas Mullooly
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401K Advisor

Thomas Mullooly, President of Mullooly Asset Management, has been in the investment industry since 1983. After many years as a broker, Tom established Mullooly Asset Management as an Investment Advisory firm for individuals who are looking to manage the risk in their investments.

Too many investors have been decimated the past few years by having no game plan, no method to manage the risk in their portfolios and making other mistakes.

Mullooly Asset Management coordinates a tactical game plan for their clients. Whether your assets are in a 401k plan or in a brokerage account, Mullooly Asset Management works one on one with individuals so they can regain control of their investments.

Tom's popular email alerts help folks to reduce the risks in their portfolios. To learn how to stop making investing mistakes, and to sign up for Tom's email alerts, visit today!

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