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Although 75% of property tax appeals are successful and save homeowners an average of $450, only 7% of homeowners appeal annually. Research indicates five primary reasons homeowners do not appeal:
Homeowners are amazed to learn they can obtain a copy of the appraisal district's evidence at a nominal cost. This is referred to as a House Bill 201 package, and is the only information many homeowners use to successfully reduce their property taxes.
You may owe capital gains even if you have not made a profit!
Thousands of homeowners take advantage of the Over 65 exemption allowed by the Texas Property Tax Code. After years of working and paying taxes, it's about time you get a break, right? But what about when you finally retire to that house on the lake, or some other destination you've always dreamed about? Does the Over 65 exemption go with you? If you remain in Texas, proportionately, it does!
Internal Revenue Service (IRS) over the years has changed the laws to exercise more scrutiny for making chartable contributions especially involving cars. So that one can no longer claim a sizable tax deduction by donating a clunker, the IRS has developed guidelines for donors to follow and abide by. In additions to car people can donate RVs, boats, trailers, motorcycle, jet ski, bus motor homes, campers and personal watercraft and snowmobiles