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Online banking in the Middle East has emerged quite well and people are inclined towards online transaction nowadays which is a good sign for the UAE banks.
When one considers what constitutes an outright purchase of a judgment, one should look closely to what a judgment really is from the day of award all the way to the day there is a possible judgment satisfaction.
Pretty sad story reported recently...but sad, as in pathetic. Guy Wyser-Pratte, who is known on Wall Street as a shareholder activist and runs a $500 million hedge fund, recently reported that the private banking operation of J.P. Morgan Chase had "somehow" allowed many small electronic transfers out of his personal account, over a period of time (15 months).
It wasn't all that long ago where we had gas lines, a prime rate that reached 20%, unemployment reaching 12%, and inflation at 13%.
A "buy signal" occurs when there is demand for a stock. You know from Economics 101, anything in demand will see its' price rise.
The Obama Administration has still not come up with a plan to remove troubled assets from the balance sheets at banks. Therefore, their solution appears to be "semi-nationalization," as evidenced recently when the US Government and Citigroup agreed to convert the preferred shares held by the government into common shares.
Throwing good money after bad into these banks is not the answer. Now, I don't like changing the rules in the middle of the game. But I still believe the almost-immediate fix for this entire mess is suspending "mark to the market" regulations.
Suppose a house on your street went into foreclosure. Previously, that home — and every other home on the street had a value of $600,000. But the foreclosed property went through a sheriff's sale and was sold for $250,000. Does it mean every home on the street must suffer the same price cut?
Looks like others are starting to learn the story. Your individual stock broker — getting TARP money — is just plain wrong. And the size of these retention bonuses is extreme.
This may be enlightening. Guess what? In some cases, Your Stockbroker is Getting TARP Money.