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Credit counseling / Debt counseling is a process offering education to consumers about how to avoid incurring debts that cannot be repaid. This process is actually more debt counseling than a function of credit education.

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With the consumer in need of straight talk regarding their options to settle delinquent credit card debt, this article examines relevant changes in federal legislation that governs debt settlement companies and offers the consumer some valuable information regarding their options.
LocalNet360-As foreclosures mount with no end in sight, it is clear that the current administration must overhaul the way in which servicers are required to process and implement loan modifications.
The loan officer said: 'Sorry, we cannot grant the loan. Your FICO score is just too low.' FICO? What is a FICO credit rating score? How can I fix it? Repairing your FICO credit report is easier than you imagine, once you know what you need to fix.
Whether or not you are believe the news media about a declining US economy, one thing is for sure, debt collectors are actively filing suits to collect debts. One large collection firm based out of Atlanta has indicated that they file an average of 279 collection lawsuits per day.