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1. Ben Pate
Internet Marketer

Ben Pate is SEO and Internet Marketer and member of Stompernet. Ben has lot to offer for business to market on Internet.

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2. Bharat Book
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3. hua gong
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4. Tcat Houser
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Author / Life Coach / Professional Presenter

(Network+, MCSE, Server+, CTT+) has garnered other certification milestones such as IBM PSE and Microsoft MCT/ MCSE. This is the result of almost 40 years of "fussing with electronics." When not writing or teaching CompTIA, he is doing research. For some reason, day traders follow his entries here at TRCB.

Co-Author of GT Success* Express books. Speaker @ SMBNation, ETA-I.
Co-founder of (WA State Vo-Tech School).
CTT trainer.
Creator of
Co-creator of
Author/editor for

Magic at


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5. Mark Shapiro
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Judgment Broker

Mark D. Shapiro - - is a must-read for everyone involved with Judgments.

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6. sd gdf
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7. Aadon Jones
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8. Nicholas Wood
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9. Munzir Naqvi
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In Pursuit of the Right Path

Degree: Bachelor of Science in Political Science (2007) Undergraduate School: Kennesaw State University

Notable Accomplishments:

1. President of Student Government at Kennesaw State University (2004-2005)

2. Serves on the Pakistan Israel Peace Forum Advisory Committee

3. Served as Vice President of Pakistani American Community of Atlanta.

Every day we are reminded that there are individuals that portray themselves as above society.  There are individuals that think that Money and Financial Power is key to happiness.  There are those that believe "First you get the money, then you get the power, then you get respect."  There is an error in this message for it speaks of no love, kindness nor compassion. 

The greatest strength of an individual is their mercy.  The greatest gift of an individual is their love.  The greatest skill of an individual is their kindness.  I have a motto I live by, Diplomacy before Dialogue.  You can not speak to someone that does not exist.  It is time for Diplomatic Relations to be Established. 

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10. Gudrun Funk
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Subject Matter Expert

Gudrun Funk is subject matter expert at www.TRCB.comd, Certified Technical Trainer (CTT+), 

Microsoft Certified Trainer (MCT), Co-authored a number of CAQC certification material and

Co-author in A+ 4 Real.

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