How to be a Job Search Champion

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What Obama, Pitt, and Goodell have to do with Job Search?

It's likely that you recognize the names of Barrack Obama and Brad Pitt but possibly not Brian Goodell. Well just so you know he is an Olympic Gold Medal athlete (swimming) who I had the pleasure of meeting while speaking at a conference in LA last month. And by the way Brian was not only an individual gold medalist but he did it in spectacular fashion at the age of 17.

Yesterday I was doing a private coaching session and it reminded me of the importance of preparation and planning in the job search. I had asked my client what he would say when doing research on prospective employers and he just didn't know.

And that brings me to my point. What do Obama, Brad Pitt and Brian Goodell have in common with your job search? The answer is that they all spend a considerable amount of time planning, preparing and rehearsing for a single, often life changing event.

Obama for speeches and elections, Pitt for a two hour movie, Goodell for just a couple of minutes of swimming and you for an interview. Well even through Obama and Pitt are more well known, I am going to use Brian as my example because I think you will be able to relate better (just insert your favorite sport).

First of all I want you to think about the fact that your life changing event is just as important to you as Obama's, Pitt's and Goodell's. And that every phone call, interview and job negotiation relatively speaking is like competing in the Olympics. Often you only get one shot at true success and if you make it, your entire life will change.

You will meet new people, have new mentors (hopefully) and a circle of influence that can open many doors for you. It is where you will spend the majority of your waking hours while you are alive. And best yet you get paid (yeah).

So if you were not taking your job search seriously in the past, I want you to start thinking like a potential Olympic champion.

Let's look at the comparisons and see how well they match up.

Olympic Champion:                                                       Job Search Champion:
Has a defined training schedule every day.            Check

Eats to win                                                         Check                                                     

Practices over and over until a defining moment     Check                                                    

Regularly pushes past comfort zone to grow           Check

Has a coach                                                        Check

Has built in accountability                                     Check

Spends more time planning vs. executing              Check

These are all attributes that a Job Search Champion should posses but most of you don't. That can change today. If you think about an Olympic Champion like Brian Goodell, he likely swam twice a day for 2-3 hours! Once early in the morning (maybe 5-7 am) and then again in the afternoon. He pushed himself to go faster and harder every single day until it hurt.

Your muscles can only grow if you break them down first. And Brian will practice the same things over and over again until he perfects the way his coach wants him to do things. And he will swim drills that help guide him to the perfect stroke or to correct issues that he has with his swimming. And Brian will see films of himself swimming so he can really see what he is doing well and what he needs to adjust (feedback).

Just jumping in the pool and swimming don't cut it. And of course an entire meal schedule has to be planned out. Here's a little something I came up with a few years ago; "How you feel is a direct result of how you fuel."

And now lets look at how all of this relates to your Job Search.

Colin Daymude, Chief Employment Officer at The Job Genius specializes in teaching active job search strategies that dramatically reduce the time a candidate spends in the market. He does this by taking Human Resources and Recruiters out of the equation. Download the free e-book, Getting Past the Gatekeepers at

You can also contact Colin Daymude on TwitterFacebook and Linkedin.

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