Computer Service Technician Job description and Responsibilities

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Computer service technicians are called in when computers or computer equipment are not working property. They talk to the customer, inspect the equipment, and determine the problem. Technicians may often run diagnostic programs or use testing equipment to locate specific problems. Sometimes the malfunction is in the system or other parts of the hardware. At other times, the problem is the software.

After pinpointing the malfunction, the service technician must repair it. This may be accomplished by replacing semiconductor chips, circuit boards, or other components. Repair may also be handled by fixing the mechanical parts of the computer.

Service technicians inspect the computers and peripherals and adjust, oil, and clean parts as preventive maintenance. They are also responsible for installing new equipment and testing it to make sure it is in working order.

Service technicians who work in the field/site use their own vehicle or may be provided with a company car or van. Individuals work varied hours depending on their shift and may be called in to handle emergencies. Computer service technicians are responsible to the shift supervisor or service manager.


Some businesses that employ computer service technicians include:

Wholesalers of computer equipment, Computer maintenance services, Equipment manufacturers Corporate industr, Consulting and self-employment and Retail computer stores

Expanding Opportunities for the 21st Century

Computer service technicians who will be most in demand are those trained and experienced in servicing a variety of models and brands of equipment. Individuals with at least a two-year degree in electronics will be more marketable than their counterparts with no formal education. The increasing number of home offices creates additional opportunities for servicing and setting up home computer systems as an on site computer technician.


Earnings for computer service technicians range from approximately $20,000 to $43,000 plus. Factors affecting earnings include the specific employment situation and location as well as the education, training, responsibilities, and experience of the technician.

Generally, the more training and education individuals have, the higher their earnings are. Service technicians in management or supervisory positions will earn more than those who handle only service and repair.


There are a number of ways computer service technicians can advance. Those who started out as trainees can become full-fledged service technicians and then senior technicians. Other individuals might be promoted to supervisory or management positions. Some technicians find increased responsibilities and earnings by locating similar positions with larger or more prestigious companies.

Computer service technicians may also climb the career ladder by opening up their own computer maintenance service.The computer technician may be self employed by  having computer store with computer spare parts and softwares for his customers and services.


Employers usually require at least a high school diploma plus additional training in basic electronics or electrical engineering and data processing equipment maintenance. Training may be received at a vocational-technical school, college, or university, or through the armed forces.

Many employers offer on-the-job training or formal training programs to new employees.

Computer franchises sponsor workshops, classes, and seminars so that technicians can not only get the proper training but also continue learning new technology. Manufacturers also sponsor similar programs.


Trainee positions may not require any experience. Other positions usually will. These requirements, though, will usually be waived if individuals have formal training.

FOR ADDITIONAL INFORMATION : Additional information can be obtained through the Computer and Business Equipment Manufacturers Association (CBEMA).


Send your resume and a short cover letter to computer manufacturers, computer maintenance firms, and computer retail stores.

This is an excellent career opportunity for individuals trained in electronics, such as television service technicians.

If you are still in high school, take as many electronics and computer courses as possible. Some technical high schools offer preparation in computer repair.

Job openings may be advertised in the newspaper classified section under "Computer Service Technician," "Computer Technician," or "Computers." They may also be advertised in trade journals.

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