6 Money Making Ideas For A Bad Economy

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It's really difficult to find a job these days and many people are looking for ways to make money fast without having to shell out their hard earned cash. Each one of these money making ideas are something I have personally done and made money at and still continue to do to supplement my own income. You'll find by using a combination of ideas, you'll be able to live through hard times and still be able to keep food on the table and roof over your head.

1. Amazon.com, eBay and Craigslist!
The most popular online auction site is eBay. People list their products and services on the site and can either have a fixed price or auction off their items. Since changing their rules, it is a bit more difficult for new sellers without any feedback to get a buyer. Although many people are still using this site, Amazon has also created an online auction service which is proving to be just as good if not, in some cases, better for sellers.

Besides these two auction sites, Craigslist, a free classified service, is a great place to avoid the fees of selling. Sometimes quick cash is something you really need. Most of the time this is a quick money making idea which can bring you money either the same day if you're selling something really great, or at least over a weekend. Working just like a printed paper classifieds without the expense, this site allows up to four photos of your item, private emailing without revealing your address to buyers as well as various categories.

On all auction sites, you must be very careful about scams. Earning extra money on the side through auctions and classifieds can be achieved with no upfront fee from either any of these sites.

2. Be an Artist through Photography, Writing and Art Media

Selling your writing is as simple as signing up for sites like Helium or Associated Content or TRCB. Paid per view, writers are finding they can work from home, make extra money and write about whatever subject they feel appropriate for that day. Because these sites have variety of subject topics it makes it easy to share your interests with others and get paid.

Personally, I use Associated Content because there are no minimums for payment. They pay once a month through PayPal regardless if it's a penny or $1000 dollars. Helium waits until there's an accumulation of at least $25 which could take some time. TRCB accumulates $100 which still isn't bad money at all considering you'd have to work REALLY REALLY HARD to get any views on the other two sites. TRCB actually sells the articles for you which is nice.

The other thing I like about AC and TRCB is you can check your stats daily in the morning to see if you've gotten any hits to your writing. Another thing is these articles stay for as long as the internet is around continuing to make you money while you're doing something else.

It is not necessary to have any degrees in English or Journalism to be a writer. The only requirement is you need to write something to get paid. You don't even need to be an expert in a subject to write about it, you just need to have an interest. You learn as you go so don't let anything stop you from writing. Google "associated content" after any keyword in the search bar and check out articles other people write. You'll see it's not about great writing, it's about information.


Photographers can also submit to sites like Associated Content making money from their pictures. Depending on how you configure your publishing rights, you can also have others post your work on their sites. The more widespread your articles or photos, the more money you make.
Even artists are finding online outlets for their work. Sites like WebDesignHot.com and iStock.com are great for graphics and photos. There are literally hundreds of outlets online for fast money making ideas relating to creative arts.

3. Blogging For Money and Downloadable Products

Many people say,  "I hate to write." but the bottom line is, it's about impossible not to write if you want to make money. Either you're going to have to write or pay someone else who will. A great way to actually sell your writing is to make eBooks full of information people want to know. It's doesn't have to be a giant sized book either. I've actually paid for information I really needed and couldn't get where the PDF file was quite small. I was happy with my purchase because it was one key to opening what I wanted to do and it was missing. The information was worth the money I paid. I've spent from $1 up to $50 for an eBook I needed.

Creating a paying blog with a downloadable product can be done through Blogger (a Google Product) or through WordPress. Blogger allows Google Adwords without a pay service. WordPress does not. Most blog spots have forums to learn how to configure paying blogs. You can also search YouTube for video demos on the subject.

Ideas for eBooks can be gotten by various means, however I look at eBay for ideas. Looking at The Pulse, eBay's sellers site for deciding what keywords and items people are buying, helps to know what buyers are searching for in each category. Here, you'll first find an eBook online in eBay, see what category it's under and look that category string up in The Pulse. You'll see at the bottom of the page the most viewed in the category telling you what people are looking for and what price they are willing to pay.

Once you've created the eBook or product, sell them on eBay or through websites on your particular subject. For example, I like to crochet. I recently bought an e-pattern which cost me $7.99 through PayPal and I downloaded the file. I wanted it right away because Christmas is coming up and I need to get this finished yesterday. Through the site Etsy - I found the webstore and bought the pattern. It's a one time effort to creating something that can last forever and that's one of the best money making ideas I've personally seen.

Another site had a great pattern which I bought, again online, but it came through the mail. The woman who wrote the book was no the site owner. She was an independent publisher who had great photos of her work displayed on the site. When the book came, it was on hard card stock, with photos and a complete pattern, 8 1/2 x 11 folded in half.  With a computer, a printer and for less than a dollar, she made the book, had someone else market it for her and sold it giving a commission to the site owner. Not a bad way to make money at home using her hobby as a business.

Any subject can be handled this way from a how-to book to other information either as a hard copy or through digital distribution. I like the site E-junkie for digital distribution. People can get their products even if I'm asleep and I really like that. Waking up in the morning to money is great!

4. Website Development

Although this sounds really complicated, there are ways to put in some work for a while and then sell your site to someone else. My aunt actually was one of the first people to develop a website back in the golden days when Internet was an infant and sell her site to a major publisher. She has a site called Newsbytes which specialized in Computer Technology Information. With reporters world-wide, she would get stories on technology, edit them by noon each day and have them ready for magazines and newspapers to pull the stories off the site for their own use. It was a subscription service for media. She sold the company to the Washington Post for a lot of money and now uses her skills and retirement time for photography - her first love - and people pay her now to fly all over the country just to photograph weddings.

With the assistance of sites like TheKeyWordAcademy.com, people who have no idea how to build a site, can actually use their instructions to develop something online which will last. It takes work, but if you don't have a job, it's worth the time and if you're looking to supplement your current income, a few hours a week can benefit you in the long run building money making websites which earn extra money from home.

To get ideas on web development, check out Flippa - a site where people buy and sell money making websites through auctions and direct purchase. This will give you specifics on what actually is selling online and what websites you might want to develop or buy.

5. Freelancing

More than just a site for journalists, eLance or Guru.com are two great ways to earn money while using your skills in whatever field you're in. Some people need consultants on projects for their own site, books and eBooks. They may need someone who is an expert in a certain field to collaborate on a project. People can sign up, list their skills and offer their services and others look them up and pay them for their knowledge.

Browsing through the various categories, you'll get some work from home and something will strike you. There is really no need to re-invent the wheel. Sometimes I get ideas while looking through other people's sites.  There is no need to reinvent the wheel to make money. Thousands of people make money doing the same thing everyday.

But if you look at it this way you'll get a better perspective:

There are literally thousands and thousands of projects and jobs. They aren't full time but the jobs need to be done by someone. There are fewer workers than projects which opens the door for you to get your piece of the pie.

One problem people have is not wanting to brag. If you don't tell people what you can do, how are they going to know? Take an example from Donald Trump and toot your own horn. Almost anyone who actually makes money isn't afraid to tell people how great they are - the difference is they put their money where their mouth is and prove it!

Time and time again, I read in forums how people don't want to "advertise" what they do so they take literally YEARS for others to discover them. Why wait when you can just post your skills and get jobs? Most of the time you should be marketing your skills - the rest of the time you'll be using them to make money.

6. Help People Communicate through and Online Forum

This sounds like a non-profitable thing and if you look at sites like Nexopia.com have millions of subscribers. You'd think you can't make money that way, but look at Facebook. It's a social media site with millions of users for free. Basically, it's a really huge forum in a different type of way. People post what they want to say and other people read it. That's pretty much what a forum is - topics of discussion. Facebook makes money in the ads they sell online. That's a lot of money to be made and they aren't doing too bad. The ads are on the right side of people's pages and you can click on them if you like or not. I have clicked several ads that interested me and some I've bought the product. I will say, I'm not a clicker, but I do find things interesting every now and then.

On a much smaller scale, establishing a good base of people to post on a forum, you can sell local ads to local people. Especially in smaller, rural areas allowing people to communicate quickly in just a few seconds, commercial businesses can advertise their current sales, local restaurant specials and community events right on line. You don't need a million people to make good sustainable income online. Ads that are inexpensive can really work well.  Just figure out what you want to make, divide it by the space and you'll be able to figure if you can sell those ads.

Weebly is a great place to start a community forum type blog for free. You can create a money making website just by starting the posts, letting people talk and contacting your local businesses for support through their postings either by links, display ads or direct posting advertising.

Check out my site AprilPedia.com for a whole bunch more on how to make money, money saving ideas and a whole lot more!

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