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Employment is a contract between two parties, one being the employer and the other being the employee.

Education in Germany is free for all. The main obstacle in going to Germany is the means of instruction. The medium of instruction in colleges and universities is German.
India did not fare as badly as the USA and European countries during the times of recession. The recession was able to slow down its progress, but Indian economy bounced back quickly and is booming again.
Low cost recruitment options are now available for small and big sized companies. It is being increasingly used as a recruitment option by many organizations as an alternative to traditional recruitment procedures.
Flat fee recruitment is fast becoming the recruitment norm in the industry all over the globe.
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Online recruitment has been able to lower the cost of hiring for companies considerably. Cheap recruitment might seem a difficult proposition given the state of economy today.
Companies looking to expand their activities of filling vacant positions can look to web recruitment as an excellent option as against traditional hiring methods. Web recruitment not only reduces the cost of recruitment but also helps you get quality candidates and that too in good numbers.
Human resources management is a tough area especially when it comes to managing a company with large number of employees. Web based recruitment can help organization relieve the stress associated with the recruitment process.
Surveys conducted by independent agencies show that a whopping 80 % of the graduates rely solely on online resources to search for jobs.
We live in a continually evolving world where technology is constantly being used with remarkable innovativeness to make our personal and professional lives comfortable.