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Employment is a contract between two parties, one being the employer and the other being the employee.

The online recruitment scene is a complicated one as there are hundreds of sites offering job advertising opportunities to organizations.
Web recruitment sites are used by companies to advertise their job openings so as to attract quality candidates in the shortest possible time.
In recent times the recruitment industry has undergone a sea-change because of the easy manner in which candidates can be recruited using online recruitment resources.
Online recruitment does not always end up in success as we are given to understand. It is of course one of the finest ways to hire the right candidate for any organization.
Web recruitment sites help organizations manage the recruitment process without major hassles.
Professional staff recruitment services are playing a major role in the staff recruitment needs of an organization.
Filling vacant positions in an organization is an ongoing task. Companies seeking participation of the right candidates in the recruitment process can use services of an online recruitment agency to get the best talent available.
If not democracy or governance, colonial times at least taught many Indians to speak decent English.
The much-reviled and much-loved Chief Minister of Gujarat has often been dubbed as the CEO of Gujarat; he has helped to worked hard to build a brand called ‘Gujarat’, projecting an image of business-friendly state.
Gone are the days when government banks ruled the roost where the government employee was the king and the customer a lowly supplicant.