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Employment is a contract between two parties, one being the employer and the other being the employee.

Indians have been known for their craze for foreign shores and the opportunity living and working aboard affords.
Gujarat is making is name as the financial powerhouse of the nation and IT sector has played a major role in this.
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Mumbai is bursting at seams, and more and more people still keep coming to the city, with hope in their heart and dreams in their eyes.
Cricket casts a sweet spell over Indians, and when their team plays arch rivals Pakistan, or when they battle the abrasive Australians, every citizen of this cricket crazy nation wants to witness the spectacle.
The younger generation is not averse to changing their jobs and relocating for better lifestyle, and many people like to experience a city first-hand.
Mumbai is not just India’s financial capital; it is also India’s art capital. Mumbai is where the creative people flock to when they want to take their art to another level and get recognition from the world.
Choosing the right web recruitment site to place your vacancy ads is crucial to the success of your online recruitment operation.
For many employers and recruiters, using job portals are an integral part of their staff recruitment plan. However, it is not enough to attract the right candidates.
Matching people to jobs is a challenging task. The power and the vast reach of the internet are being used increasingly by organizations