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Employment is a contract between two parties, one being the employer and the other being the employee.

Indian IT sector is developing rapidly, and there are thousands of IT firms offering employment to talented IT professionals.
Gujarat has emerged as an auto hub owing to the business-friendly practices of the government, the ease of land-acquisition, the state’s well-built road networks and infrastructure, and its commitment to develop as an industrial state.
It industry is booming again, and there is a glut of software jobs out there. But just because there is a good availability of jobs does not mean that they are jobs that pay well.
Traditional views of the trucking industry are changing and changing for the better. While a predominately male oriented profession, the opportunities for women to get very good truck driving jobs are increasing exponentially and for some very good reasons.
iVirtual is a video based virtual interviewing solution. iVirtual allows employers and recruiters to post jobs, set questions for the jobs and invite candidates to take an ivirtual session.
Global warming is a big issue and countries across the world are trying to find a way to create and increase the users of alternative sources of energy that do not harm the environment as much as crude oil does.
Freelance professionals are still in growing demand today. More and more employers are recognizing the benefits that freelancers bring. They save money on training, overhead, and benefits.
Good house-keeping is what makes a good home. You may have the most elegant house with beautiful furnishings but if not maintained well, it can all come to naught., we bring together students, organisations, faculty, and colleges in a secure online community to create a more effective recruitment process.
A judgment lead is finding simple written information describing a civil money judgment, where money is owed by one or more person (or entities) to another.