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The most spiritual-seekers seem to be confusing the human male sex organ -lenga [penis/phallus] and human female sex organ-yonee [vagina] with the jyoteerlenga [lenga of light] and the sarvajoteeryonee [yonee of light] by saying that the lenga in shevaalayas represent the male sex organ…! But, it is not so…!
Are MIND and SOUL Different Entities...?
Have you ever wondered as to why you are very much on the Earth's surface instead of zooming out in the outer space when you take a step out of your house for a morning walk on the Earth...?
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Should you not share your BHAKTE[devotion] with anyone else?
Is the Vande Matram, the national song of India, a totally secular Yogic concept?
Is there a bigger "SHREE MAHAAVEDHYAA" than the "SHREE VEDHYAA"?
Is the soul destructible?
The Parama/Paramaa Tattva [The Absolute] manifests itself in many forms some of which are in the form of Gods/Goddesses or whatever the seeker would like to imagine it to be.
Is the Human Sadguruu the Only Channel that exists in this creation for humans to achieve the Spiritual liberation?