How to handle lesbian essay questions?

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Gay and lesbian essay have questions which require to be handled efficaciously by students end-to-end their lesbian essays. One of the most frequent type of lesbian essays that students are usually being assigned are associated to the human rights of gays and lesbians. It is not that no country accepts them but there are those countries too who support relationship between the people of same sex. Hence, the issue of gay and lesbian associations has become contentious in today's time.

In view of the fact that the affiliation between gays and lesbians is controversial; therefore, students are being assigned to deal controversial questions about lesbians in their lesbian essays. Below we give you some lesbian essay questions with a few guidelines so you can handle your lesbian essay questions:

Q1. "Make an argument for gay and lesbian marriages by giving as many feasible reasons for your argument as you can and tell what position would defeat your argument."


Here, I give you pointers on which you should focus to come up with an efficient answer for your essay lesbian essay:

A- Arising Argument: There are two ways of presenting your argument on gay and lesbian marriages. You can either present an argument in favor of gay and lesbian marriages or against them. When In favor of gay marriage, you may state that; "Gays and lesbians should be allowed to marry each other".

B- Causes in support of an Argument: There are various reasons that you can provide in back up of the preceding argument. Here are the two rationalities that you may make use of in support of your argument:

1. It is the fundamental right of gays and lesbians to get married.

2. Lesbians should be permitted to get married as their wedding is not going to cause any impairment to others.

A- Presenting Facts against your Argument: with the intention of presenting an argument in opposition to lesbian marriage; you can make the most of the principles of law and religion to give the factual argument against gay and lesbian marriages. e.g. "Homosexuality is illegal in many countries and there are many religions that do not give the permission of same sex marriages".

Q2. Should Lesbian and gay Couples Be Allowed to Adopt Kids?

How to Guidelines:

A- Do you agree? You may either agree or disagree with the preceding question.

B- Reasons in support of your Statement: If you agree with the preceding question; then you should give the reasons in support of your answer. Some reasons may contain:

1. Gays and lesbian pairs should be allowed to adopt children as their adoption is not going to harm the social order in any ways.

2. Gays and lesbian pairs cannot have children, thus they should be permitted to adopt them as they are also human beings with emotions.

To be brief, you need a conventional point of view for handling your lesbian essay questions successfully.
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