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Education encompasses both the teaching and learning of knowledge, proper conduct, and technical competency. It thus focuses on the cultivation of skills, trades or professions, as well as mental, moral & aesthetic development.

The most spiritual-seekers seem to be confusing the human male sex organ -lenga [penis/phallus] and human female sex organ-yonee [vagina] with the jyoteerlenga [lenga of light] and the sarvajoteeryonee [yonee of light] by saying that the lenga in shevaalayas represent the male sex organ…! But, it is not so…!
Are MIND and SOUL Different Entities...?
Have you ever wondered as to why you are very much on the Earth's surface instead of zooming out in the outer space when you take a step out of your house for a morning walk on the Earth...?
Academic Writing includes term paper, thesis, college paper, dissertation writings, research paper, essay writing etc.
Are you totally confused about how to organize your essay? Do you know that the caliber of an essay is estimated by how well it is organized and composed?
Writing the dissertation abstract is truly a difficult task for the academic students because they might not have written such a concise paper of huge information before in their life. This piece of writing surely shows a perfect way to compose your dissertation abstract effectively.
Sweet love quotes – Love is something which cannot be define in words. Music is like a chocolate. It is the feeling of strong emotional bond between two people. The feeling of love can be express in no better way except Sweet love quotes.
acbeth essays are the most frequent assignment for the students who are studying literature; it aims at examining the greatest and most admired play of all the time.
Essay of man is written in a rhythmic verse style which is not considered obsolete and out of date, but at that time it was Alexander pope’s ultimate style.
A love essay is an essay that expresses feelings and intimacy rather than any frustration and signs of annoyance.