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Windows XP is a family of 32-bit and 64-bit operating systems produced by Microsoft for use on personal computers, including home and business desktops, notebook computers, and media centers.

Windows XP has already been industry-proven to be a sturdy and reliable operating system. However, optimizing your system to meet user requirements and network demands will only increase the performance of this hardy operating system.
The Event Log service provides the capabilities for applications and services to log their respective events. These events will be stored in one of three logs: Application, System, and Security.
There is a simple rule-of-thumb applied here primary partitions (on an individual hard disk) are always numbered before extended partitions.
There was a running joke among IT Professionals using Windows NT. The solution to every performance problem is “Add RAM”. Just like NT, Windows XP loves RAM. The more RAM available to the system, the less paging (use of virtual memory) has to occur.
Here are top 12 Windows XP System Performance Analysis Questions and Answers with explanations.
Inevitably it will happen. Guaranteed. It’s a law. (Ever heard of Murphy?) Systems will crash and fail. Hard drives will grind to a halt. Some freak electrical storm will toast motherboards.
Windows XP provides a tool called “Backup” that can back up data to tape, a compressed file, or a network share. A wizard is built into this utility to make it easy for you to configure your backup needs, and a scheduler is included.
Troubleshooting systems is not an exact science; it is more of an art form. A fix for one machine may not necessary be the fix for another, even if they show the same symptoms on the same hardware.
An exciting functionality has been carried over from Windows 2000, which you can use with Windows XP shared folders - offline caching.
Group policies are normally implemented on a network (domain) level, and can be used to manage everything from users' desktops to IP security.