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The cloud's ability to switch servers when an overwhelming amount of queries are detected keeps cloud sites safe.
Antivirus XP 2010 is a fake program that imitates a legitimate anti-spyware tool in order to earn money from computer users. The application runs the scan on your machine and after it finishes Antivirus XP 2010 displays a list of infected files. In order to remove the infections Antivirus XP 2010 asks to pay for a license of a program. It is not an application worth trusting. Antivirus XP 2010 must be removed right after detection.
Photo Frames maybe infected with nasty software. The San Francisco Chronicle found digital photo frames from a number of the major retailers, infected.
Highly regarded LavaSoft (of Ad-Aware fame) gets into the Anti-Virus arena. What you can expect from Helix.