How To Use/Set web browser Standard Toolbar or Menu Features.

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The web browser Standard toolbar contains buttons that are mostly shortcuts to Menu.

The displayed buttons can be customized by removing and adding buttons. Depending on the web browser select view option in the menu bar, then select Toolbars and click customize. You can select or drag the buttons you like.

The Stop Button:
It is used to stop loading of webpage if you load wrong site or page and if loading takes too long.

Refresh Button:
Used to reload the web page again directly from the web server. It updates web page information without using the cache.

Back and Forward Buttons:
Used to move forward and back within the most recent web pages you just accessed.

The Search Button:
Allows you to search for different type of information on the internet. Just type the keyword phrase and click search or enter.

The Home Button:
Returns the web browser to your set home page. To set home page use the internet option menu and type your specified home address.

The History Button:
Your web browser/client maintains a history list containing the web pages visited in recent past. You can specify the number of history days in the internet options.

The Mail Button:
It allows you to link with Microsoft Outlook Express or any other email facilities.

Other Buttons:
There are many buttons to select to show up in your toolbar this include print,bookmark, cut, paste,space, new window, new tab, separator etc.

There can be buttons on other different type of toolbars for handling their specific functions.

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