How To Create Donate Button To Your Website or Email

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Use Donate buttons to collect contribution payments. Donate buttons let you collect pre-determined amounts or amounts entered by donors.You can create Donate buttons that you add to your website by using a tool on the PayPal website, or you can write the HTML code for Donate buttons manually.

You can create buttons with limited functionality before you create your PayPal account or with JavaScript disabled in your browser. The easiest way to add a Donate button to your website is by using the button creation tool on the PayPal website. As soon as you add the button, you can begin accepting contribution payments on your website.

Using the Button Creation Tool for a Basic Donate Button

To use the button creation tool for a basic Donate button:

1.      Log in to your PayPal Premier or Business account at  "".

The My Account Overview page opens.

2.      Click the Profile subtab.

The Profile Summary page opens.

3.      Under the Selling Preferences heading, click the Create new button link.

The Create PayPal payment button page opens.

4.      In the Accept payments for dropdown menu, select "Donations".

5.      (optional) In the Organization name/service text box, enter the purpose for the donation or the name of your organization. If you do not enter anything in this field, your donors can complete this field during checkout.

6.      Scroll to the bottom of the page, and click the Create Button button.

The You are viewing your button code page opens.

7.      Click the Select Code button on the Websites tab to select all of the generated HTML code.

8.      Copy the text that you selected to the clipboard, by:

o        pressing Ctrl+C.

- or -

o        right-clicking your mouse, and selecting Copy.

9.      In your web editing tool, open the webpage where you want the button to be seen.


Be sure that your tool is ready for you to paste HTML code, such as by switching to an HTML view from a design view of your webpage.

10.  Paste the text that you copied from the clipboard onto your webpage where you want the button to appear, by:

o        pressing Ctrl+V.

- or -

o        right-clicking your mouse, and selecting Paste.

Creating a Basic Donate Button Without a PayPal Account

To create a basic Donate button without a PayPal account:

1.      Visit the PayPal website at  "".

2.      Click the Business tab.

3.      Under the Need to accept credit cards? heading, click the On your website link.

The Choose a payment solution page opens.

4.      Under the Website Payments Standard heading, click the Learn more link.

The PayPal Website Payments Standard: Overview page opens.

5.      About half way down the page, click the accept donations link.

The Create PayPal payment button page opens.

6.      In the Accept payments for dropdown menu, select "Donations".

7.      Follow the basic donate button with a paypal account above procedure or login into paypal to get a special code.

Read the paypal instructions carefully to understand the procedure of payments and handling unclaimed funds. Paypal gives two special done codes for email and website. So don't mix them up. You can select the donate button of your choice.The donor can donate using major credit cards and other form of payment with or without paypal account.

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