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Computer power supply failures are common since the power supply gets heated during computer operations and the often plugging and unplugging of power cable
A hard disk drive (HDD) failure or error is the worst problem a computer user can face, especially when the HDD contains a lot of important information and there is no data backup available.
Working with a hanging / freezing / slow start computer can be time consuming as programs or applications take a long time to start(loading). This problem is more pronounced in computers which have been used for 6 or more months.
No sound is a problem on the new computer or after Windows has been reinstalled. Some computers do not have internal speakers; they have to be installed externally. The audio card is often integrated with the motherboard for computers from HP and Dell. Sometimes the sound level might no suit you--too high or too low.
Since all computer components are connected on the motherboard, motherboard failures can difficult to troubleshoot. If the motherboard fails completely,no beeps will be heard, since the computer cannot perform a power on self test. Power supply fluctuations and spikes can damage the motherboard.
Keyboards form an important part of the user interface and a keyboard problem can be very annoying. Some of the common keyboard problems are...
The computer mouse is the most extensively used user interface device and usually has to be replaced or repaired fast...
Dust can easily rest on your LCD screen, for the reason of static attraction. So, you may want to clean it but did you know the proper way to clean it?