DISH Network Standard Receivers – The Best In The Business

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Most people switch from their local cable TV service provider to satellite TV service provider to take their entertainment experience to the next level. With DISH Network TV, your television viewing experience will not only get a new impetus but will also be redefined. This is because you not only get to watch your favorite channels in digital quality at the lowest DISH Network prices but you also get to enjoy the latest technology and high-end features that comes bundled with the receivers.

Each DISH Network receiver is crafted with excellence to offer you access to the best programming networks. The standard receivers of DISH Network are the entry-level gadgets in the receiver category and are available in sleek designs.

Types of Standard Receivers

DISH Network Standard Receivers are available in two different versions. Choose the one that suite your needs:

Solo Receiver: Compatible for connection with a single TV set.

Duo Receiver: Compatible for connection with two different TV sets.

Features of Standard Receivers

Standard receivers come loaded with the following features that enable you to enjoy the most out of your subscription with DISH Network:

- Electronic Program Guide: Instantly watch your program schedule and get other information.

- DISHHOME Interactive TV that gives you quick access to your favorite sports, games, news etc.

- On-Screen Caller ID with call record list (This is an optional service that requires subscription to telephone line subscription. The phone lines needs to be connected to the receiver)

- Parental locks, favorite program listings etc.

- DISH Network's effective customer service - Reach the DISH customer support helpline with the push of a button on your remote control.

- Supports a display resolution of 480i.

- Complies with Energy Star standards.

Standard Receiver Models

There are mainly two models of standard receivers available with DISH Network. They are as follows:

Solo 311

- This receiver can be connected with a single SD (standard definition) television set. It comes with a remote control unit.

- Compatible with a display resolution of 480i.

- On-Screen Caller ID with call history (optional).

Duo 322

- Can be used to connect 2 SD TVs kept at two rooms. The receiver comes with two remote controls for the 2 TVs.

- Electronic Program Guide - access program schedules for about 2 days.

- Energy Star certified - Helps in saving your yearly power consumption expenditure by 25 percent.

- Parental locks, single touch channel return, favorite program lists, theme lists, browse options and other features.

- Supports display resolution of 480i.

- On-Screen Caller ID with call records (optional).

Standard receivers come free of cost whenever you subscribe to any programming package of DISH Network. This is a part of the different DISH Network offers that you are entitled to receive once you subscribe to any of their packages.

You can watch your favorite DISH Network channels with these standard receivers. So subscribe to DISH Network packages today. Get access to unlimited entertainment with the aid of the best DISH Network deals.

Standard DISH Network receivers are loaded with a host of new features. They are devised with state-of-the-art technology to help you watch your favorite DISH Network channels in digital quality.

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