Motorola MC75A

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This device from the house of the leading telecommunications company, Motorola, is one of the world's most premium 3.5 G enterprise digital assistant, also known as EDA. This device is far ahead of other devices in its category. It has many more options, features and interesting functions than other similar devices in the category.

Motorola MC75A addresses the critical business mobility needs in its own way. It maximises its processing power and its rugged design. It offers the flexibility of applications and excellent capability of data capturing. It also offers connectivity options while giving options for security and manageability. All of this is available in one single device. There are two options again, it gives you 3.5G WWAN/WLAN-enabled enterprise or WLAN only enabled enterprise. This supports EDA both inside and outside he four walls. 

Apart from these you also have a great design which is really easy to use and carry as well. When you put all of this together, you get great combination with the best features all in single device. 

Advantages of Motorola MC75A

It has a great rugged design
The microprocessor is really strong
High definition of VGA display
Multiple options for keypads like QWERTY, numeric and DSD among others
It has assisted and autonomous GPS support system. Increases signal in weak areas.
Excellent space for memory
Gives great connectivity in hot spots and offices too
Helps great deal in connecting to modems, headsets, printers without wires
Supports in high broadband speed voice and data transfer anywhere in the world
Host of accessories with the set:
Motorola MC75A offers a comprehensive family of accessories which helps it expand solution reach overall. Here is a list of accessories available with the device:

Battery and battery accessories
Mounting hardware
GSM headset
Power supplies
Wearable computers
Accessories for protection
Mobile payment modules

Motorola MC75A has a 3.5 inch high definition colour VGA display. The display resolution is transflective in colour. It is 3.5 full VGA with backlight.

Motorola MC75A is considered a premium device in its category. It is the only EDA to offer five different keypads. It also offers enterprise-class motion sensors.

All in all, Motorola MC75A permits maximum ease for the application development and the manageability of device. It also bringsIt also brings with itself the world clasnddnananajsdjk with itself the world class support of Motorola's world class partners.

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