Report On Roads Freight Transport Industry

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Reort On Transport Industry
Road freight transport Industry: "Front runner among Indian freight service industry"
The Road Freight Transport Industry (RFTI) has always been backbone for the economic growth of a nation. Inspite of presence of some big organised players in the industry, unorganised players continue to remain the face of road freight industry in India. With around 85 per cent share from unorganised sector industry is highly competitive. Even the players from organised sector strive to achieve double digit profit margins due to the presence of large number of small players in the industry.

Industry growth has high co-relation with the economy and factors like fuel cost, GDP growth, regulatory and policy framework, etc have strong bearing on the industry growth. Industry profitability is dependent on various factors like fuel cost, freight rates, vehicle utilisation, vehicle mix, broker commission, etc. In addition to this increased costs due to road conditions and stoppages at various check points also impact the profitability. Transport Industry

CARE Research believes long-term macro factors like high GDP growth, increased government spending on infrastructure coupled with enhancement in technology will see industry growing in the future. However, given the low entry barriers, the increased business will be shared with the new entrants preventing profit margins improve from the present levels.

Although railways is taking various initiatives in order to enhance supply and service quality, CARE Research foresees road transport industry to retain its share viz-a-viz railways on account of various factors like better infrastructure, presence in last mile operations, end-to-end service, better service quality etc

CARE Research has developed detailed statistical models that attempt to forecast the domestic freight demand and transporters profitability. Sensitivity analysis has been done to analyse the profitability of the transport operators with respect to different vehicle-mix. CARE research has reached the conclusion that heavy capacity trucks are more profitable as compared to the medium or light capacity trucks; however, the vehicle-mix of the transporters may vary depending upon the freight demand, vehicle-mix, routes of operation, competition, etc.

Executive Summary
Outlook on Freight Demand Estimation
Overview of Transport Industry

Greater connectivity and flexibility enabled roadways to dominate freight transport industry
Industry Structure- The unorganized segment dominates the road freight transport industry
Long hauls continue to gain backed by increasing preference over railways by users

Freight Movement would continue to remain strong fuelled by healthy economic growth
Roadways would continue to be in dominant mode
Long hauls expected to witness higher rise

Evolution of Freight Transport Industry
Pre historic
British colonial Rule
Post Independence

Pre economic liberalization period (1947-1991)
Post- economic liberalization period (1991 onwards)

Industry Structure
Customer/ Consignor
Transport Operator

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