How to Keep off rip-offs

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I have created this article as a way to empower people with honest rip-off grievances to take action on them and avoid a future recurrence. Apart from the rogue plumber who just charged you $150 for a call-out to fix a washer, there are many types of rip-offs that occur day by day.

Grossly overcharging, poor services, paying for non-existing services or products are just a few good examples.  Just like for diseases, prevention is better than cure. Remember also that time spent on reconnaissance is seldom, if ever, wasted! So don’t rush, negotiate before a purchase. Take your time to understand and find a good deal.

In today’s world some business people are more concerned about what they earn than what is fair. They say it is all “business”. To them the means to earn is not an issue so they end up taking away personal values (honesty and integrity) at no mercy. It is therefore time for those who have been taken advantage of to get honest attention.

The government has a duty to see that rip-off doesn’t occur. That is why there are so many endless regulations to be followed before allowing a business or professionals to operate. These regulations are in bodies for various professions and businesses to maintain ethics and standards.

You cannot just see any doctor; they have to be registered for that service. It is therefore also important to report the rip-off first to the government because it is against the law or government regulations.  To avoid been taken advantage follow this simple guide.

Have a witness or lawyer to guide you into contracts.

Shop around - use the Internet, inquire or window shop to find the best deal & price.

Remember that - everyone is after YOUR hard earned money!

Simply say - NO! If offered something you don't want.

Avoid impulse purchases - think before you purchase.

For protection always use a Credit Card or paypal when buying online - you get enough time to test the product and within this time you can easily cancel payment if you receive fake product or bad service.

Ask for a guarantee after purchase.

Check out the business name, business website or business person name on Google for any complaints of frauds.

If the offer looks too good to be true - it probably is! Know the fake and original product.

Don't be bullied or hastened to buy an item or service you don't need.

Obtain references before dealing with trade’s people – affiliates/customers.

Always take your complaint to the top person in a company, local authorities and rip-off websites.

Keep records of your complaint - phone calls, emails, letters etc.

Never take 'NO' for an answer - and keep complaining until you are heard!

You need to follow this few simple steps if you really value your good sleep and time. This is also important especially when involving a sum of money you deem valuable to you.  Good luck.

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