Why “Boring” Marketing Creates A Comfortable Business

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When we started up in the year 2000, we had a terrible business.
I was a cartoonist. No one would hire me as a marketer. I had no clients, no income (except from cartooning) and I was going around in circles trying to get people to listen to my ‘marketing advice.'

What's worse is that our so-called marketing site was terrible as well.
The font was an unreadable 9 point. The website was created in frames so search engines couldn't index the information. The subscribe button wasn't even a button. It was a tiny little link at the bottom of the page.

What's surprising is that over 1000 people subscribed over a period of one year.
1000 people or more found it useful to get the information we were offering. And mind you, we weren't even selling anything to begin with. The only thing we did on the website was show people why customers buy, and what causes them to avoid buying a product or service.

We started with five pages
The pages: Articles. About Us. Clients. Contact Us. And frankly I can't even remember the fifth page. But once we had that website up, we didn't sit on it like most people do. We found other websites that were giving out the same information. And we approached them. We asked if they would like some articles. And some of them were easy to convince. Others need a little convincing. But persistence often pays off, and soon we were getting our articles published.

Every time some one published an article, we got a bucketload of subscribers.
So we did something else. We joined several forums on marketing. Not just any forum, but busy forums. And we started posting answers to people's questions.

This tactic was good in two ways.
1) It got me to write almost every day. And I wasn't even writing. I was just answering questions. But I'd take the answers and put them away to be used as articles. So not only would I answer the question on the forum, but I'd take the time to answer it in the greatest depth possible. I'd write whatever I could (and I knew little back then). Then I'd take that answer and hey presto, my article was 90% ready.
2) Everyone on the forum was answering in three-four lines. I was answering in three hundred words or more. Guess whose post got more attention? And slowly but surely I was getting traffic to my website. More people subscribing (And note, we still didn't have anything to sell).

I want you to notice one thing in this entire story
We did really, really simple stuff.
1) We set up a website. Five pages.
2) We wrote some basic articles (to allow people to sample content and ability)
3) We went to forums and posted. And then recycled those articles again on our website.
4) On occasion we'd find someone else to publish our content. And we'd get another um, bucket load of customers.

We did this over, and over, and over, and over, and over again.
Always looping round and round.

And the subscribers came. First in dribbles. Then in bigger numbers. Today they come in torrents. Today we can send out an email, and take $20,000 in a matter of days. And we can do it without any joint ventures, or affiliates, or ad words, or Twitter-fitter-mitter (In fact in the world of Internet marketing, there not ONE big name marketer I know of who can do the same without a torrent of email from joint ventures and other blah, blah). And I don't say this to boast (though I'm proud of what we've achieved). I say this to underline the fact that it's possible. That it's possible to do the boring stuff over and over again and succeed without all the razzmatazz and hoopla you see around you.

Most businesses like hoopla. They don't like the boring stuff
They don't realise that despite the technology, nothing changes. That all people ever want is something that's of value. That when they find that value, those people (we call them customers) sign up. When they sign up and they get continuing value, they buy something (we call them clients). That if you keep caring, guiding and protecting these customers, they'll keep coming back (as long as you don't start acting like a dolt). It might also interest you to know that less than 3% of our customers generate over 90% of our income.

Most people are too enamoured with every new thing.
They flit from one thing to another. With the attention span of a gnat.

And it's the boring stuff that gets results.
Over, and over, and over, and over, and over, and over again.

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