SMS Marketing: A Comparative Analysis vis-à-vis traditional Marketing Techniques

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It is the new and most popular form of marketing tactic chiefly used for business promotional purposes. Widest reach and incomparable convenience that mobile phones render made mobile messaging a most preferred promotional tool.

This marketing technology is operated by SMS gateway providers and takes advantage of short code and long code services. Business people send bulk SMS to potential customers regarding products and services to gain their attention.

Bulk SMS software is used to carry out mobile messaging to large phone numbers. You can send one message to any number of mobile phones at a time. SMS marketing wipes out the disadvantages of other marketing modes where you want to wait long time for results.

SMS marketing brings positive responds and long term results for the messages you sent. When compared to previous years, the rate of people using mobile phones has been increased a lot. It also increased the intimacy and decreased the distance between people. SMS make people feel that your loved ones are beside you.

It reaches to the right recipient with in no time. This is the reason why it has become the most favoured marketing strategy by most of business organizations. Other than bringing good returns to business, this tactic also let you inform your employees about immediate or critical condition. You can instruct your roaming employees and can receive sales updates from them. When compared to traditional marketing methods, SMS marketing stand out as unique and exclusive.

Popular traditional marketing methods

A few years back, SMS was only used for personal purposes. At that time business people used several other modes to broadcast their products and services. Some of them include;

  • Television advertisements
  • Newspaper advertisements
  • Internet marketing
  • Email marketing
  • Print media
  • Clip boards
  • Bill board
  • Posters

After the launching of SMS marketing, these modes were listed out as traditional marketing modes.

Comparison between traditional marketing methods & SMS marketing

Bulk SMS service is the proven marketing strategy which brings enhanced results for the entire business. Compared to other promotional modes, mobile messaging is rated as the cost efficient, creative and result yielding. When emails and other means of marketing take significant volume of time to motivate customers, bulk SMS services propels customers quickly and effectively.

Mobile messaging keeps in touch with target market and bring instant response for the offerings. There is no necessary that people must view your advertisements which you exhibit on television and newspapers. Even though people view it, we can't assure that they will go for the product in the next time. It is said that people easily forgets the things which they see and keep in memory the things which they read.

If you make a call to inform your customers about the recent offers and newest launches, can u assure that the recipient is in a good situation to attend your call? SMS marketing doesn't involve any such disadvantages and let recipients read the messages as per their convenience. If you are sending promotional mails via email, there may be chances for getting spam. 

Or else, people just doesn't read it, instead delete it without opening. But sending such information to mobile phones in text format ensures right reach. Recipients can't move it any separate folder or it won't get spam as mobile phones don't carry any such options. Television and newspaper advertisements don't come closely to the viewers and people can't view it again when they desire. But promotional messages that you send remains in the inbox and people can read it again and again when they desire.

People can't keep their PC or fixed phones all the day with them. But being a handy handset, mobile phones conveniently fit in peoples' pocket. People can carry it wherever they go. This is the prime advantage of mobile phones which other marketing mediums lack. Print media and advertisements spend significant amount of revenue while bulk SMS services remains cost efficient and pocket friendly for all types of organizations. Though other marketing modes have significant relevance in broadcasting brand name and corporate identity in market, SMS marketing enjoys unique status in enhancing brand popularity.

Benefits of SMS marketing

Bulk SMS services bring splendid outcomes to the business. Following are the few benefits and advantages that SMS marketing has to offer for your business;

  • With forwarding tools, this marketing mode eases viral marketing
  • People can receive personalized contents
  • It saves significant volume of amount and time
  • Irrespective time and location, customers can receive messages
  • No matter if the phone is switched off or the intended recipient is out of coverage area, your message will be delivered to recipients
  • It is easy to compose messages, marketing people don't need to spend enough time behind this
  • Your messages are not getting spam or can not be moved to any junk folder
  • You can alert customers at the time of billing, order notifications etc
  • Creative and captivating messages yield customers' attention
  • It broadcast your company name round the globe
  • You can save the cost which you pay to marketing people

When mobile messaging can get you most out of your requirements, what is the relevance to stick on to traditional marketing modes? SMS marketing is the time saving, pocket saving business promotional tool enhancing your business in all aspects.

No matter whatever the field you are operating with, whether it may be banking, entertainment, informative or educational. You can employ bulk SMS service to promote your business. None other than bulk SMS services can elevate traffic for your business with in a lowest price rates. Take advantage of this incredible promotional strategy to stay successful in field.

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