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Simply put escrow payment service ensures both the seller and buyer gets the intended benefits over a trade.
In the early 1980's, one of the most popular clothing apparel in the Philippines was U.S. made blue jeans
Studies have shown greater part of of Export businesses have been triumphed upon by small and medium enterprises (SME's) not by massively huge corporations.
Exchange rate done right could be your friend or foe and could mean life and death for your international trading business.
Ability to obtain working capital is the biggest limitation of any business and for import/export business in this matter.
Everyone seems to be complaining about the economic downturn during these bad times.
This knowledge and training I got to learn when I was International Sales Manager of a reputable cctv company in the Philippines.
I was reading some posts and news about the current crisis and diverse opinions about possible turnarounds, about the consequences in developing countries, some trends and forecasts, different perspectives and evaluations and the usually wizards’ visions of future, some with the Armageddon perspective and others with an optimistic vision of short-time crisis. What make me develop this article was to contradict the people that suggest the worst scenario for our future.
It seems that the Republicans are trying to test the Chaos Theory. The greatest evangelists of open markets are now trying to change the rules, again.
Is international warnings about the safety of Chinese products reducing China's dominance in global manufacturing and trade.