Globalization Trends and Lessons

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Since the end of last century we are seeing global changes never seen in recent or old history. The iron wall collapsing and the Soviet Union breaking in pieces are unique events in history because never a large empire disappeared so smoothly. Coupled with what we saw in China, moving from communism to capitalism. Never thought!

Now, with the global warming we are also seeing the burning of trillions of dollars! Without doubt we are in a special moment of humankind. What can we learn?

First, nothing is for ever.

Second, we need to have a longer vision and prospective scenarios without greed and special interests, and thinking global and acting global or our children will not have a world to live.

Third, the markets need control without any possible doubt even though many "easy money factories and agents" do not agree.

Fourth, remember a basic strategy: Never keep all your eggs in the same basket, referring to the investment of all your reserves in one economy or market.

Fifth, balanced global power (economical, political and military) is fundamental to a democratic world and the mitigation of inequalities.

Sixth, we are in a changing world, nothing is static, no one is the owner of the truth of the right way of doing thinks, team work and uncompromised actions are more than ever necessary to get things on path again.

Seventh, we are on daily basis learning!

Eighth, this is an endless list.

Now, let's talk about market control and threats, and put on practice the third lesson. I am highlighting this matter because I just read some news of the World Economic Forum, where an executive made a statement that governments should help the market now and then quit because they aren't efficient market managers.

I am not so sure that the market works as it should do, to be clearer it does not work!

Despite all theories and free market evangelists. It needs to have strong regulations! As kids need to know their limits when educating them, the greed and unlimited need to create value to the shareholders and bonus to the board need to be controlled.

And the sixth lesson induces us that more than ever we need to work as a team.

Small and medium businesses (SMB) have, and always had, a special role in regional economies and employment. To accelerate the turnaround of this international crisis, it is a key issue to leverage globalization and entrepreneurship of small businesses and start-ups.

It is the same strategy of the internet beginning with the military application. Do not depend on one spot only. Divide the intelligence on several servers and geographically separated. So, if one spot blows up the net will continue working perfectly.

Making an analogy with small businesses, if we have a network of small entrepreneurs working and trading globally, the effects of local and global crisis will be mitigated in their businesses, because the connections and relationships worldwide will facilitate new opportunities, the research and discovery of new places where the crisis didn't have large impact or had less effect.

That's why I endorse and believe in initiatives that leverage entrepreneurship and support small and medium businesses, and the possible impacts of it's' success on people's life.

Mario luis Tavares Ferreira is a seasoned senior manager, entrepreneur, with a broad technical background, developed two high tech start-ups, developed business in half dozen countries, has active participation on diverse Linkedin groups and is developing a non-profit project to leverage SMB and Start-up development. For more information please visit my website at

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