Working in Philippine call centers- The Pros and Cons

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Working in a call center whether in Philippines or in India or China is always considered a challenging as well as a demanding task. Well, this article revolves round the prospect of working in Philippines contact centers.

If you desire to work as a customer service representative then here comes some important points that will help you to get a clear picture of the current scenario as it is. Most Filipinos believe in the fact that working as call center agents will be considered better than the regular jobs available within the country.

In this respect, there are two groups of opinions. One group of people who already have experience in working in a call center set-up would suggest you to go for any other job. On the other hand, there is another group of people who would ask you to join for better prospects. Why there is a diverse opinion in working in any customer care center? Let’s find the answer right now.

The Pros in working in call center:

You may be a fresh graduate or one of those college-goers looking to earn some money doing a part-time job. Whatever may be the reason to look for a contact center job, here come few points to consider while looking for a customer care job.

•There is no age-limit.

•You are qualified as long as you speak good English

•Knowledge of how to use computer

•University diploma is not required. You stand eligible to apply if you’re 18 years of age

•In Philippines, job in a call center is considered as one of the most high-paying jobs

•Students can also apply –with the availability of flexible schedules. They can either choose to work at night or at the day-time.

•Free Trainings are available here

•Additional benefits and perks

•Great benefits in the form of health card available for you and also for your family. Now the health card offered to you can be worth more than P100, 000 (in Philippine currency). On the other hand, other additional benefits in the form of tuition fee reimbursements are also given to the employees

•On a slightly different note, if you’re single and presently looking for a partner to date, then you are probably at the exact place. Philippines call center set-ups offer a pool of good-looking, young women and men.

•Fosters career growth- It is said that gaining promotions in this industry is never a hard task. If you’re knowledgeable enough to handle your task efficiently then you can get a promotion. You can expect a promotion as early as in 3 months, unlikely to that of the regular jobs.

After learning about the cons in finding job in the Philippines contact center industry, its time to learn about the cons as well.

The cons in working in call center:

•No guarantee on week-end rest as you may have to come for work

•You have to work on holidays

•Working in shifts like night or graveyard shifts

•Hypertension arising from work pressure and lack of good sleep

•On account of any program or project cancellation from your company, you will have to either resign or you will have to transfer to any other account.

After learning about the pros and cons of working in Philippines contact center, it will be on your part to decide whether to move ahead and accept the challenges or to be satisfied with a regular job. Think and decide.

Philippines have already recorded a substantial growth in call center services. The BPO sector of the country opens a lot of options for fresh graduates. If you’re new to this industry, you need to learn about the pros and cons associated with this industry.

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