Learn Library Management: Library Education Series

Learn Library Management: Library Education Series

By: Bob Pymm, Damon D. Hickey
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Learn Library Management 
A Practical Study Guide for New or Busy Managers in Libraries and Other Information Agencies Second North American Edition ©2007 (Library Education Series) 

Two veteran library administrators provide a concise, practical workbook to support busy managers for whom a 700-page management book would be too time consuming. It is intended for those on the front lines, facing the challenge of supervising a busy work environment, but at the same time aware that they need to delve a little deeper into management issues to gain a broader understanding of why some approaches work and some do not. It is also a basic introduction to established management principles and practices for library students and for library staff embarking on their first supervisory roles. 

The authors cover management functions; operational, strategic and event planning; human resource management, including team building and managing change; financial and marketing management; security issues; and managing self. They make ample use of case studies, often based on real life incidents, to illustrate useful management skills or how to apply management theory to a particular situation. Included are plentiful, clear explanations, examples, and practice exercises, as well as a glossary and an index. 

Learn Library Management is one of nine study guides in the Library Education Series. Please see the back of this book for a complete listing, or visit www.totalrecallpress.com for more information. 

Table of Contents 
1. Managers and Their Roles
2. The External Environment
3. The Internal Environment
4. Organizational Structure and Design
5. Planning 
6. Strategic Planning
7. Operational Planning
8. Event Planning
9. Government Policies and Their Impact on Managers
10. Human Resource Management
11. Building Effective Teams
12. Financial Management
13. Creating Quality Service
14. Marketing
15. Managing Change
16. Security Issues
17. Managing Self

Bob Pymm has worked in libraries and related cultural institutions for many years. He has also taught in the subject areas of archives, libraries, and management for the past 20 years and is currently a lecturer at Charles Sturt University in Australia. His teaching interests focus on the management of libraries and archives and on the impact of the digital formats on collection development. 

Damon Hickey comes from a family of North American (U.S. and Canadian) academic librarians (mother, sister, daughter, son-in-law), and humorously claims to have worked in academic libraries since before he was born. He has been a college library administrator for more than 30 years and currently serves as Director of Libraries at the College of Wooster in Wooster, Ohio.

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Price $30.51

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