Learn Dewey Decimal Classification (Edition 22) First North American Edition

Learn Dewey Decimal Classification (Edition 22) First North American Edition

By: Mary Mortimer
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LEARN DEWEY DECIMAL CLASSIFICATION (Edition 22) First North American Edition
A Practical Study Guide For Learning Every Aspect of Dewey Decimal Classification

This combined text and workbook covers the theories and principles of Dewey Decimal Classification and then offers readers immediate practice in putting the information to use. Plentiful, clear explanations, examples and practice exercises illustrate every aspect of Dewey Decimal Classification and help students master creating DDC numbers. The book also includes a new chapter on WebDewey; a glossary that defines technical terms in simple language; and an index. It is an easy to use study tool for all library students and library staff who need to be familiar with at least the basics.

¿Unlike other materials available for learning the DDC, this book combines workbook with instructional text. As such, the student can refer to it beyond the course. It can profitably supplement other texts in cataloging and classification, and also serve as a review of the developments¿ of the DDC.¿

Library Collections, Acquisitions and Technical Services review of the previous edition
¿It provides an easy and friendly approach to the learning of the DDC without assuming any prior knowledge on the part of its users. This being a complete guide and the DDC being used internationally, this workbook will be useful in any library/library school anywhere in the world. It is a welcome addition to the practical manuals on the DDC.¿

--Library Times International review of the previous edition
Learn Dewey Decimal Classification is one of nine study guides in the Library Education Series. Please see the back of this book for a complete listing

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1. Introduction to Classification
2. Introduction to Dewey Decimal Classification
3. Principles of Classifying with DDC
4. Components of the Dewey Decimal Classification
5. Finding a Number in the Schedules
6. Organization of the Schedules
7. Number Building and Table 1: Standard Subdivisions
8. Table 2: Geographic Areas, Historical Periods, Persons
9. Table 3: Subdivisions for the Arts, for Individual Literatures, for Specific Literary Forms
10. Table 4: Subdivisions of Individual Languages and Language Families, and Table 6: Languages
11. Table 5: Ethnic and National Groups
12. Adding from the Schedules
13. WebDewey
14. More Practice

About The Author:

Mary Mortimer is a librarian, library and Internet trainer, author, multimedia developer, and publisher. Since her professional education in the Universities of Sydney and New South Wales, Mary has worked in libraries in Australia, Papua New Guinea and Britain in many capacities. She is a director of DocMatrix Pty Limited in Canberra, Australia, which publishes workbooks to help librarians and assistants develop the practical skills they need in the workplace. These books have been modified for libraries in Southeast Asia, South America and North America. Mary has also developed interactive multimedia programs for librarians, and organizes in-service training for library assistants. She has taught cataloging to library paraprofessionals and professionals, including staff of the National Library of Australia, and in doing so has refined her explanations and examples. The result is this clear and comprehensive study guide that helps students and staff apply cataloging rules and standards sensibly and correctly.

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