Learn Descriptive Cataloging - Second North American Edition

Learn Descriptive Cataloging - Second North American Edition

By: Mary Mortimer
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A Practical Study Guide For Learning
Anglo-American Cataloging Rules 
MARC 21 Codes 
And Library of Congress Authorities

All the fundamental skills of descriptive cataloging are covered here: using AACR2, and coding descriptions and access points into MARC format.

All catalogers, whether professional or paraprofessional, need these basic skills. Consequently, this guide is equally suitable for college students studying library science, and library technicians and others who want to know more about cataloging, with a specific goal or as part of their professional development. Since the bibliographic record is the foundation of all the tools used in a library, from catalog to bibliography to online database, it is important for all library staff to be familiar with at least these basics.

This book contains many clear explanations and examples, along with numerous practice exercises that help students master creating MARC descriptions and access points. It includes the relevant MARC codes, a glossary, an index, and answers to exercises at the back of the book.

Learn Descriptive Cataloging is one of nine study guides in the Library Education Series. Please see the back of this book for a complete listing, or visit www.totalrecallpress.com for more information.

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About CatSkill 
1. The Catalog 
2. The Bibliographic Record 
3. International Standard Bibliographic Description 
4. Anglo-American Cataloguing Rules Second Edition 2002 Revision 
5. MARC 
6. Areas of Description 
7. Description of Monographs 
8. Description of Continuing Resources 
9. Description of Nonbook Materials 
10. Access Points 
11. Authority Control and References 
12. Headings for Persons 
13. Geographic Names As Headings 
14. Headings for Corporate Bodies 
15. Series 
16. Uniform Titles 
17. Cataloging Procedures 
MARC Codes 

About The Author:

Mary Mortimer is a librarian, library and Internet trainer, author, multimedia developer, and publisher. Since her professional education in the Universities of Sydney and New South Wales, Mary has worked in libraries in Australia, Papua New Guinea and Britain in many capacities. She is a director of DocMatrix Pty Limited in Canberra, Australia, which publishes workbooks to help librarians and assistants develop the practical skills they need in the workplace. These books have been modified for libraries in Southeast Asia, South America and North America. Mary has also developed interactive multimedia programs for librarians, and organizes in-service training for library assistants. She has taught cataloging to library paraprofessionals and professionals, including staff of the National Library of Australia, and in doing so has refined her explanations and examples. The result is this clear and comprehensive study guide that helps students and staff apply cataloging rules and standards sensibly and correctly.

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