Learn About Information First North American Edition

Learn About Information First North American Edition

By: Mary Gosling, Elizabeth Hopgood, Karen Lochhead
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LEARN ABOUT INFORMATION First North American Edition ©2007
A Practical Introduction for Library Students and Staff

  • Information Industry
  • Nature and Uses of Information
  • Information Literacy
  • This study guide provides a comprehensive yet simple introduction to the information industry, the nature and uses of information, and information literacy. It covers the roles and functions of various information agencies, such as libraries and library networks, archives, records management sections, information brokers, and community information agencies. It also discusses legislation that impacts the information industry, as well as relevant professional associations.

    As a practical combination textbook/workbook, it includes background information; numerous explanations, examples, and practice exercises; and a glossary, bibliography and index.

    This book is designed for library technician and library assistant college programs in the U.S. and Canada, as well as library science programs in universities. It is also useful for library staff needing to increase their knowledge and understanding of information issues.

    Learn About Information is one of nine study guides in the Library Education Series. Please see the back of this book for a complete listing, or visit www.totalrecallpress.com for more information.

    1. Nature and Uses of Information
    2. Information Packages
    3. Bibliographic Elements
    4. Locating Information
    5. Analyzing and Organizing Information
    6. Presenting Information
    7. Libraries
    8. Different Library Environments
    9. Library Networks
    10. Responding to Clients and Their Needs
    11. Other Information Agencies
    12. Information Associations
    13. Information Standards and Ethics Answers

    Mary Gosling is a reference librarian and library educator who has taught reference and basic library skills for many years. She has been coordinator of the Library Studies Program at the Canberra Institute of Technology and is now a senior reference librarian and manager at the National Library of Australia. As a library educator, Mary has taught a variety of subjects, including reference skills, reader education and information literacy.

    Elizabeth Hopgood has worked as a children's and adult librarian in public libraries. As a library educator at the Canberra Institute of Technology in Canberra, Australia, she taught a variety of library and information science subjects, ranging from classification and multimedia to collection development and the information industry. She is now a trainer in competency based education and assessment.

    Karen Lochhead
     began her career as a research cartographer in Canada, and after getting her master's degree in Library Science in Australia, worked in database development and computer based training. While in Australia, she co-founded CatSkill, a multimedia training package used to teach cataloging to librarians. Upon returning to Canada, Karen resumed her interest in cartography by working as a map librarian in variety of capacities.

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