Book Review: The EMyth Revisited by Michael E. Gerber

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With Part I of the book, goes through the theory and strategy of reaching an Entrepreneurial Perspective.  This is food for thought and its best to have a friend read it and you can both discuss and reach agreement on the different theories.

Part II of the book, gets to the point of making a model of your business with "The Franchise Prototype" and the last chapter is about working on your business and not in it. This is the view that all small business owners need to take and decide upon the way forward for their business.

Part III of the book, sums it up in the title: Building a Small Business That Works!

Chapter 10 - The Business Development Process

Will be formed around three integrated activities and these are Innovation, Quantification and Orchestration.

Innovation covering change to sales pitch, Brand and look, customer contact (i.e. elbow, arm or back), gives your business individuality and it makes business processes simple.

Quantification is related to how you do business, how many leads, sales, customers and products and/or services are sold and what day and time of day. This leads to reading the business health chart by the flow of numbers.

Orchestration brings the first two together to do things by habit and links the past, current and future operation of the business. Doing it in a way that makes the delivery of the product and/or service appear unique to each customer.  Results in the development of real skills within a business model of your own design. Enables all in the business to understand change, communication and thought and how they affect the business.

Chapter 11 - Your Business Development Program

Aims at helping you work out how all the parts of your Business link and work together. Seven parts make it up:

1) Your Primary Aim

2) Your Strategic Objective

3) Your Organisational Strategy

4) Your Management Strategy

5) Your People Strategy

6) Your Marketing Strategy

7) Your Systems Strategy

Two good examples put "Your Primary Aim" into focus:

To implement the vision that brings your business to life;

What misunderstanding keeps you where you are, in the past, in the dark, shrouded in your limited beliefs, shrinking from the world, from the light on the other side of the curtain?

Mine is: A good life balance between work and play.

"Your Strategic Objective" is a very clear statement of what your business has to ultimately do for you to achieve "Your Primary Aim".

Mine is: To move from working in the business to working on it and to earn increasing Passive Income.

Tim Ferriss author of "The 4-Hour Work Week" and the Expanded Edition.

"Your Organisational Strategy" at the start you do everything and therefore must become good at doing all the tasks required to run your business. If you can afford to outsource some tasks, that is worth looking at (i.e. Virtual Assistants).

"Your Management Strategy" is to produce a predictable outcome for every customer your business sells a product and/or service too. This is how the Japanese apply the Quality Management System (ISO9001:2000) and apply Keep it simple and stupid (KISS) for every process. That's from doing Invoices to assembling a product and installing it for your Customer.      

"Your Marketing Strategy" three legs to it:

 Lead Generation - Word of Mouth, Advertising and Face-to-Face Networking.

 Lead Conversion - Making a statement, that sells your product and/or service.

 Client Fulfillment - Deliver in the promised or agreed timescale, offer no quibble refund and

 customer service through phone, email and visits.

 Study how McDonalds, Apple, Insurance Companies and Banks do it.

"Your Systems Strategy" figuring out how to use third-party applications to automate businessprocesses as much as possible and making the processes in your business repeatable. - Leads Management to project to time to invoice tracking.

Virtual call centre - Automated call recording and processing through - Self-publishing service.

Describes the five books/ebooks I have authored and self-published:


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