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Looking at it from the Small Business Owners view.
Excerpted from "Training Camp: What the Best Do Better Than Everyone Else", by Jon Gordon. These apply to every entrepreneur and startup. Make them yours.
During our entire life, we’re engaged in one of two sorts of activities; either we’re selling something or we’re sleeping. The Selling in life starts with first ‘cry for milk’ of the baby and it continues till……..
Written in the early era of Human Resource Management Flippo in his book on Personnel Management centralizes around management functions; "plan, organize, direct, control". Flippo's Personnel Management introduced the subject, and coherently built background for achievement of individual, organizational, and social objectives. For the very important instance Flippo talked about Quality of work life and Quality circles and draws a line between soft and hard HRM.
If you listen to those who are making big money from selling the get-rich-quick books, you will believe that starting a business on the Web is easy enough for a toddler.
This is the title of a book written by Ben Norman. As the name suggests it will make your website really successful by giving you invaluable tips to increase your website ranking on Goggle.