We are an article marketing, publicity generating, pre-qualified traffic building, and article exposure service designed to get your expert articles in front of our content-hungry visitors and make you money.  

TRCB.COM is as simple as 1-2-3.

  1. You create and submit unique orginal articles to us.
  2. We publish your Article on TRCB and syndicate to appropriate websites.
  3. You gain recognition, increase readership, build a portfolio, and earn royalties.

It's as simple as that.

Writing an Article

You can submit articles you have written, videos you have shot or podcasts that you have recorded in English.


Upon submission and approval of your article by our editorial staff, following our editorial guidelines, we publish your work on the website where we feel it will have the greatest impact. Your content will appear on the site that best suits its topic. From that moment on, you may increase your readership, gain recognition, begin building your portfolio, and start generating revenue from your article.

Gaining Recognition and Getting Paid

Publishing with us allows you to focus on your creativity and expression, as our professionals take care of all the technical, marketing, operational and financial difficulties. Combining your knowledge, skills and creativity with our publishing expertise is easy and will generate greater readership, wider recognition, higher revenues, and provide a place to showcase your articles.

We work to showcase your article in a way that increases its readership and maximizes its income-generating potential. Authors who try to publish their work individually / independently often face a number of obstacles that have nothing to do with writing, including technical, operational, marketing and financial issues. As a result, most user-generated content does not reach its full potential.

As soon as your article is published, it begins generating revenues from Google Adsense that appears on the pages alongside your article. We may decide to convert your Article as Podcast and as well as video content, if we choose to do so, it will bring more exposure to your message and to your name at no cost to you.

Each and every day you will see revenue generated by your articles but you will get paid once you achieve $100 or more once a a month and you'll continue to generate royalties every month thereafter.  Best of all, you will get paid directly from third party who is managing your royalities on articles what you have earned and our portion and we can not have access to your financial information at all from Google. 

Last but not the least, there is NEVER a cost or fee to you directly or indirectly. You never pay us anything, infact we pay you royalities and get you and your website a massive exposure. It is FREE to join us and FREE to make money with us.

NEW!  Video Blog or vlog: Now you have option to convert your article into video automagically from TRCBVideos

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