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Ya Libnan was originally created to capture the historic events that erupted as a result of the assassination of the former Prime Minister Rafic Hariri. The tragic Valentines Day murder gave birth to the Cedar Revolution.

In what started out as a personal log of events in Lebanon, we were pleasantly surprised by the overwhelming support for Ya Libnan. With our staff and a network of volunteers, we are proud of what we've accomplished. Ya Libnan offers our worldwide audience the latest independent news coverage which focuses exclusively on Lebanon.

In a world often dominated by government, politician and corporation influenced media; Ya Libnan is free from the chains of propaganda, censorship and control.

Ya Libnan has evolved into a leading specialized source of Lebanese news with unmatched high-quality content. We are committed to being on the cutting-edge of using the internet to its full potential in order to offer our readers a superior news site.

The founders and owners of Ya Libnan are dedicated Lebanese individuals who strongly believe in liberty and in the changes it will bring to a sovereign Lebanon. We sincerely believe that democracy will bring about fundamental changes in the Lebanese constitution that will result in a better Lebanon for all its citizens.

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By Ghassan Karam Special to Ya Libnan The 23rd of November , 1943 is a bitter sweet occasion for all Lebanese, or at least it ought to be. It was 66 years ago today that Lebanon won officially its independence. Lebanon was the first Arab country to
Beirut - Lebanon celebrated its 66th Independence Day . A military parade was held in the capital Beirut, with President Michel Suleiman, Prime Minister Saad Hariri and Speaker of Parliament Nabih Berri, as well as foreign and Arab officials present.
Beirut- President Michel Suleiman addressed the nation on the eve of Lebanon’s 66th anniversary of independence saying: "To encourage vast participation in political life , a national committee should be established and charged with abolishing
Beirut - Two issues are the focus of the media in Lebanon: The paragraph dealing with Hezbollah arms in the ministerial policy statement and the dispute between Interior minister Ziad Baroud and ISF Director General Ashraf Rifi over discharging
By Ghassan Karam Special to Ya Libnan The whole world has been celebrating one of the most momentous events of the later half of the tweentieth century, the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989. What a triumph for the human spirit, for democracy,
Beirut - The issue of Hezbollah arms continues to delay the finalization of the ministerial policy statement . Yesterday the committee charged with drafting the statement met again but no agreement was reached . Many were hopeful that the statement
Beirut- Finally someone is thinking about the Lebanese people. Prime Minister Saad Hariri told the Annual Arab Banking Conference held at the Phoenicia hotel in Beirut that the new national unity government's policy statement should guarantee a better
Beirut - As expected President Michel Suleiman hosted Wednesday a reconciliation meeting between Progressive socialist party leader MP Walid Jumblat and Marada Movement leader Suleiman Franjieh. Following the meeting Suleiman hosted the two leaders
Beirut- The issue of the ministerial policy statement continues to be the focus of the media in Lebanon. The Committee charged with drafting the policy statement will hold a third meeting under PM Saad Hariri at 5 pm on Tuesday in an effort to finalize