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Computed radiography (CR) has been around for the past thirty years. With radiology departments increasingly seeking digital solutions that did not cost them an arm and a leg, CR had become the mainstay in the healthcare sector. It was in fact the growth of CR that laid the foundation for the wireless X-ray detectors of today. They first made an appearance four years ago as the Pixium Portable 3543, developed by Siemens, Philips and Thales Components as part of a joint venture.
Persistence is the key to reclaiming PPI money. Most customers who were mis-sold payment protection insurance will need to write at least 3 letters to get their money back. The effort and stamps are well worth it, because payments can mount up into the thousand of pounds. If approached by a claims management company that offers to get the money back, keep in mind that they will keep part of the money. Making a claim is simple, and most people can do it themselves.