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 Pastor Richard Taruvinga is a native of Zimbabwe who emigrated to the United States of America in1999. He is married to Ashanti and they are blessed with two boys and two girls. His personal life-changing encounter with the Spirit of God in 1992, led him to give his life to Christ. He is quick to tell anyone that no man led him to Christ but the Lord himself. That encounter led him to seek more of God through the study of scriptures and keenly observing the teachings of Jesus Christ. The hunger and passion for the word of God opened  him to another dimension of LOVE. His motivation from then on was the pursuit of the lost, confused and broken souls. The bible says in Luke 19 and vs 10 " For the Son of man is come to seek and to save that which was lost." (King James version) Pastor Taruvinga`s ministry can be followed online and a new website is in the making! Praise God.

The meaning of Christmas as Jesus would want us to celebrate Him.
With what the bible tells me about the authority of God`s word in this earth, I can never tolerate sickness again.
You have just received the news that you have some disease.What must you do then.Everything just collapses around you and you are desperate for answers. What can you do?
When things do not seem to be moving fast enough for you, just remember that God knows the perfect time to bring to pass what you desire.
In these times of uncertainty the word of God is the place of safety and hope.So open the word and see what God says about your future.
The more I look closely in society today, the more I see fear in people`s eyes. Why are Christians joining the world in fearing the unknown? Let us see what the bible says.
When we think that we do not need God in our affairs, that is when calamity shows up to show that outside of God, we are nothing.Just look at how helpless feel when a category 5 is on the Atlantic, heading for our shores.
Strength comes from what you know.When you know that after the storm, all will be well, you do not panic.There is hope.
Do not allow yourself to be taken down by the spirit of depression. Yes, these are some challenging times, but God is faithful.He will see you through.
Ever wondered why some prayers seem not to get answered, and when others pray answers show up almost immediately? I have the answers from the word of God; the Bible.