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Co-Owner of WebTV4U, LLC in Duluth, GA, www.webtv4u.net.  WebTV4U is a WebTV full service integrator.  WebTV4U works with businesses to develop WebTV stations and can build out the WebTV studio required to any specifications.  WebTV4U also sells and supports Panasonic and Canon DV cameras for studio use and field use.  Clear 4G/3G modemas are also offered so DV cameras are no longer limited to a studio, but can be used anywhere in the USA or world.  Since the streaming video players can also be embeded into any webpage anywhere, you now have a totally global broadcast capability.

For studio support, multi-T1 data services are also offered to support a WebTV studio onsite.  WebTV4U, LLC offers the complete WebTV solution, plus for more limited events can simply lease a streaming video player for short term events and offer recording crews to cover those events, like weddings, funerals, corporate events, etc.

For more info, lookup WebTV4U.net or call 770-291-2032  For wedding or event info, weddings.webtv4u.net


About a new venture in Event Videography, add live WebTV Broadcasting