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Hi! I am Vishwas Heathcliff. Handwriting analysis is my passion and I have brought it online (undisputedly the first of its kind in India) because I have discovered with the help of masters that the science can be useful to people in a number of ways.

Read my articles on handwriting analysis articles on TRCB and my website, www.writechoice.co.in and find out for yourself how the science and its curative offshoot, called graphotherapy, can be of immense use in your day-to-day life.

Some people think that when the objects of their affection don't comply with all their demands, it means they don't love them. Such people then resort to emotional blackmailing. Handwriting reveals if a writer is an emotional blackmailer.
Most women are attracted only to jerks, a newspaper report said a few weeks ago. Opinions may vary on women’s yearning for jerks, but arguably many girls burn their fingers in romantic associations, howsoever careful they think they are.
Recently, several people including some students, committed suicide in India. They decided to end their lives due to examination pressure. Here I wish to discuss in brief that using handwriting analysis, the suicidal tendency of an individual can be spotted. The first sign to look for is depression. Let me show you how to spot depression in handwriting.