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Hi! I am Vishwas Heathcliff. Handwriting analysis is my passion and I have brought it online (undisputedly the first of its kind in India) because I have discovered with the help of masters that the science can be useful to people in a number of ways.

Read my articles on handwriting analysis articles on TRCB and my website, www.writechoice.co.in and find out for yourself how the science and its curative offshoot, called graphotherapy, can be of immense use in your day-to-day life.

Most doctors have illegible handwriting. What does that mean? Wanna find out? Read this...
Handwriting analysis of India's top businessmen such as Mukehsh Ambani, Anil Ambani, Ratan Tata, KM Birla, Rahul Bajaj and Sunil Mittal
Did you know Aamir Khan hates being told he is wrong? Well, the analysis of his handwriting says he is. Let's find out more about him.
Dealing with over-sensitive people is too tough a task to handle. They get hurt easily by words. Using handwriting analysis, let's find out if you are also so sensitive. Also, I will tell you how to get rid of that sensitivity using handwriting analysis.
We all love our signatures. But do you know that some kinds of signatures are self-sabotaging and they come in the way of your own growth and success? In this article, I have listed five kinds of signatures that must be avoided at all cost.
Very few things are as bad as corporal punishment. But it continues to exist in schools, which tramples the childhood of many students. The solution is not to sack violent and mean teachers: instead let's filter them out at the recruitment level. One way to spot such teachers is to look at their handwriting and see if they have a tendency to get violent and abuse children. This article will tell you how.
Analysis of Rahul Gandhi's handwriting sample
According to graphology, there are some self-destructive strokes whose presence in your handwriting can cause much damage. Here is a chance for to you know them and eliminate them as well.
Handwriting analysts say we are how we write. They discover the personality of a human being just by looking at handwriting. That’s what graphology is all about: the study and analysis of handwriting especially in relation to human psychology. And that’s what I do here: Analyse handwriting, tell people what their handwriting says about them and how they can use their own handwriting to effect positive changes in their lives.
These days divorces are rife. Many people are living alone, their dreams shattered and their lives embittered. The cement that binds two people together seems to have turned into a third-grade cheap glue that easily comes unstuck. More and more relationships are failing and much of this failure is due to poor communication and conflicting ambitions and goals.